Fertility treatment: THE FIRST STEPS TO TAKE

Bayo Ajibola

Fertility treatment. Infertility describes a couple that has been trying to conceive for a year without result or progress. This is despite their best effort of having unprotected intercourse fervently and on the most fertile days too. This unexpected and depressing problem has been on the rise the world over. The causes of this issue are numerous with some being associated with unhealthy lifestyles while others are related to the failure of reproductive systems.

Fertility treatment

The first step when facing such a problem is visiting your doctor for medical guidance. This especially is encouraged for women who are 35 years and above who have tried to get pregnant for at least 6 months without success. Start with your general physician or gynecologist who is likely to run some tests and recommend some changes that can aid in conception.

If the suggestions and changes don’t work, a fertility doctor or endocrinologist is your next bet. Since it’s their area of specialization and study, they might come up with better treatment options. The cause of your infertility can be complicated something that such a doctor is well equipped to handle competently than your general physician or gynecologist.

Finding the right fertility doctor can be a hard nut to crack as they can be very rare. Here are some pointers that can help you find the right one:

1.      Although not hereditary, there might be a member of your family (friends too) who has grappled with infertility issues. The support you can get from such a person as a couple can be therapeutic as they commiserate with you. These are the best people to give you recommendations on fertility doctors in your area and explain the various treatments to prepare you.

2.      Your gynecologist or doctor is also another person who can point you in the right fertility clinic. Their professional opinion is vital in deciding on which endocrinologist to go for in relation to their success rate.

3.      Go online and visit websites dedicated to fertility issues in your area which might be able to provide you with finding such a doctor. It is also important to read on the various treatment options available as knowledge is power.

4.      Your health insurance provider can also be an important source of information especially if they cover infertility issues. A clinic that offers such services will be definitely listed in your policy which makes it easier for you to locate one.

5.      Last but not least, book appointments with the clinics you find in your area for consultation. Reading on the topic earlier will prepare you with the right questions to ask the endocrinologist to get a better perspective of their prowess.

Before making appointments to start the treatment, you want to settle with the best fertility doctor for you therefore be keen during these initial meetings. Always go as a couple as it will make it easier to come to a conclusion on which doctor to go with.

The right fertility doctor will prescribe the right treatment options for you after diagnosis which is the key to fulfilling your dreams. Always make sure to follow these treatments to the letter for notable results which will be monitored by your doctor.

It is important to always remember there is no shame in being infertile regardless of what society perceives it. It is an unfortunate condition that could have happened to anyone but for some reason, reasons that can be reversed it happened to you.

Be prepared psychologically and physically as some treatment methods can be tough to endure. However, it can be done with the fruits of your labor bearing witness to this fact.

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Bayo Ajibola

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