Financial Crisis and Marriage: How to Deal with this Challenge

Money is one of the biggest reasons for quarreling between couples, as it shakes all areas of marriage. With the increase in unemployment and the damage it causes in the family structure, we also need to talk about how families can adjust and deal with financial difficulties in marriage? Below, you can find some guidelines that can help if you are experiencing this.

The first thing is to understand that the way the couple deals with the problem is more important than the problem itself. This may seem obvious, but many couples don’t face the issue head on and spend a lot of time arguing. Money is one of the biggest reasons for fighting among couples. Through the following ways, you can handle financial problems with your partner. 

1. Avoid looking for a culprit or arguing

The differences in the way in which each deals with money and individual habits become more evident and become grounds for fights and arguments. Don’t waste time looking for the culprit; instead, take the time to seek solutions for the problem. 

2. Make an action plan

Bearing in mind some changes in consumption that can be made, the next step is to put the monthly expenses on paper and assess whether the current income is sufficient to pay for everything. If not, make adjustments and cut the less priority items. 

For example, eliminate the cable TV package you don’t usually watch, evaluate your cell phone plan, see what services you can do at home instead of outsourcing. Take the opportunity to make a careful analysis of the accounts and see if there are no additional costs that you did not notice or that you do not need.

3. Seek the help of a financial analyst 

If making good financial plans is challenging for you and your spouse, you can seek the help of an expert. A financial advisor will see the situation from the outside with technical knowledge and without taking sides. The consultant will help to think of an objective solution and according to the couple’s needs. 

With this help, a plan is drawn up with clear objectives to which each person must contribute. If you are unable to speak to a consultant, try to read articles on personal finance books on the subject or talk to a friend who understands the topic or has already been through it.

4. Be positive and try to lower the pressure

It must be borne in mind that the crisis, like others we have already faced, will pass at some point. Until then, what remains is to adapt and maintain positive thinking, because wasting time with negativity and fights will only affect your marriage.

Try to do some activity to relax and unwind, be it walking, reading books, listening to your favorite music or going to places that reinforce your faith. Whatever the belief, having peace of mind and relieving the pressure will bring more lightness to deal with such complicated issues.

5. Have individual and joint goals

The crisis promotes the maturation of life for two, as long as it is perceived and that both work to pass through this challenge. Questions like “Do I really need everything I want?” , “What are my dreams and those of my partner?” , “What are our priorities?” are fundamental.

Even if the situation is difficult, it is important to be clear about what you want to achieve and talk about it. Having dreams is essential, as it forces us to think and look for ways to achieve it. In addition, it makes the decisions of the present to be made according to something much greater than what is wanted up front. 

Proper planning is the key to solving financial problems in marriage. Stop blaming your partner and come up with a working plan for you and your spouse. 

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