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Finding the Perfect Sleeping Position during Pregnancy

You just found out you are pregnant and the excitement is palpable! As the months progress the fetus develops further and you feel the kicks of the little being growing in you. Quite magical! That is until you can’t quite seem to be able to sleep properly and not because you can’t get sleep.

Your tummy is infringing on the way you love to sleep! It can be quite frustrating considering sleep comes in larger amounts during pregnancy. Not finding a proper position will give you lower quality sleep which will not help much during this time.

The tummy

The position you sleep in will largely be affected by your growing size but that is nothing to worry about. You can work around it. Sleeping on your tummy is quite okay during the first trimester. You are still not showing and it will not affect the tiny fetus. As you begin to show however it becomes unsafe and quite impractical to sleep on your tummy with a large belly unless of course you are trying out for the circus.

Your back                    

After the first trimester the weight of the baby increases. Sleeping on your back will put some pressure on the vein that takes blood to your heart. This may reduce blood flow to the placenta thus causing a reduction in the amount of oxygen and nutrients reaching the baby. This could interfere with the development of the baby. It could also leave you feeling lightheaded and queasy.

The left side – the Best Position

Doctors say that this is the best position. This is because the weight of your uterus will not put pressure on your liver. This position allows for proper circulation thus reducing the amount of work your body will do to get all areas supplied with blood. The baby also receives the required amount of nutrients.

The right side

Sleeping on the right side is not too bad but it puts pressure on your liver. The liver needs to remain in optimum condition for it to function properly. It could also be a little uncomfortable for you.

Anything goes during the first trimester but things change after that. Try and sleep on your left to ensure proper blood flow to the baby and throughout your body. It is possible that you will turn, as most people will at night, but don’t beat yourself up for waking up on the right side.  For as long as you do not sleep on your right for extended periods you should be fine.

Even with these pointers sleep may be hard to come by. You can use different aids to help you in this process. Body pillows work wonders! Get yourself one instead of using multiple normal pillows because these may be uneven and thus cause some discomfort.

A warm bath or shower and a hot drink like hot milk just before bed will leave you a little more relaxed and sleeping peacefully. A body massage also works well. It improves the blood flow, soothes your aching muscles and leaves you floating into deep sleep.

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