Fitness During And After Pregnancy

Bayo Ajibola

Some women wonder whether fitness is safe during pregnancy, what type of fitness exercises and how far can an expectant mother go? Keeping fit during pregnancy has its benefits for the body and the baby while also being safe . This is how to stay fit during pregnancy. Some of the benefits of exercise during pregnancy are as follows:

  • Reduced Backache and pains
  • Prepare the body for Labour and Birth
  • Anxiety, Mind and Body Relief
  • Muscles are relaxed and toned
  • Control of gestational diabetes
  • Improved energy levels
  • Helps build cardiovascular health
  • Recovery from Childbirth
  • More support for the body
  • Reduces risk of obesity and bloating.

There are a few fitness exercises that pregnant women can get involved in during the pregnancy. Below are few of the easiest and the best:

  • Yoga

Yoga is known to be relaxing for the mind and body. It stretches the muscles and spine by minimising aches and pains with poses like backbends and lunges. For expectant mother, it helps in connecting the mother and child as the mind is free and focused on the bump. As some stretches in yoga can be strenuous, it is advisable for expectant mothers to steer clear from more strains during the second and third trimester of the pregnancy and also exercises that can increase blood pressure or make them feel dizzy.

  • Swimming

No strains, no pressure on muscles, joints or ligaments – that’s swimming. It’s a good cardio prenatal fitness exercise for pregnant mums. Swimming relaxes the body and it is said that the buoyancy of the water makes the body feel lighter from the weight of the pregnancy. It is the easiest prenatal exercise if you don’t have phobia for water. It also helps burn calories, so trimming down the excess pregnancy related weight is an added plus.

  • Pilates

Pilates is also a good prenatal exercise as it helps in stretching and elongating the muscles. It eases the expectant mother from backaches and body strains while breathing is coordinated to body movement. However, it should be moderated to avoid over-stretching and strains because during the second and third trimester, an hormone called “relaxin” releases into the body to open the joints for childbirth which causes more strain.

So the answer to the question of whether fitness exercises during pregnancy is safe? Is Yes! Engage in one of these and you’ll be sure to find yourself in a group of like minded expectant mothers.



Bayo Ajibola

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