Follower asked Jude Okoye to unite his brothers

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Fans has always urged break away Psquare group to come back but the two seems to be busy with building their lives individually and not giving coming back together a shot.

But despite this, fans will never give up on their reunion, Jude Okoye, the elder brother of the twins which formed Psquare took to his IG page to share a picture of himself in his mansion looking happy.

As the usual style a fan, but in a rude manner asked him as the eldest to try and reconcile them, the fan wrote:

“Happy fool!!! Don’t go and reconcile your brothers.” Jude find the post insultive and replied him thus: “Sad imbecile. Don’t go and enter back your mama belle.” Some consider this a savage reply. Some say he’s irresponsible.

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