Four Strengths of a Relationship

Every relationship is built on four core values. These are things that not only make a relationship thrive, it also makes them to stand the test of time. Often, inquiries are received from couples whose marriage are failing or struggling to stand and sometimes, they’re also received from some couples whose marriage and doing well but they intend to avoid problems in the future. 

However, it seems to always be true that some couples have forgotten that they are a couple and why they are together. Sometimes, it is obvious that they should never have started the relationship, accepting situations that are not desirable for both of them. A couple is like the legs of a table, where if one fails the table will fail, and perhaps even with 3 legs, it will hold if one it puts a lot of support on one side, but if two fail, things go beyond management. 

The following are very important in every relationship: 


If we cannot trust our partner, if we cannot put our situations in their hands, better turn off and go because this person has much force in your life than the neighbor across the street can have. We have even seen couples who trust each other less than they trust their friends and that is very bad. If you are in a relationship with someone or even married, you both need to trust each other completely in order for your relationship to thrive. Be as honest as possible in your dealings with your partner and don’t hold back. 


Respect is allowing whoever is by our side to be herself, without further ado, without forcing her to be something that she simply is not, or hoping that she is, in which case we will also suffer a great disappointment. Always respect your partner and their values especially during the beginning of the relationship. If there are certain traits they possess that you don’t think you can deal with, it is only best that you talk about it at the beginning or simply don’t go into the relationship at all with the hope of changing your partner later.


It is important to be in the relationship and on a day-to-day basis. If you are in a relationship or married to someone you claim to love, you need to be a part of their daily life. It is only right that you know what goes on in their life at all times and you are always available to support them in whatever it is they’re doing. Be present, support their dreams, help them secure that job or contract they dream of, be a part of the process.


Love is very essential in every relationship. It is easy to claim to love someone but what truly tells if you love your partner is your action towards them and their life goals. You can’t claim to love someone if you don’t care about them, their dreams, health and other needs. If you really love someone, it is very evident in your actions, the way you talk to them, treat them or handle everything that concerns them. 

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