More than Friends, Less than Lovers, with some Flirt

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You’ve got that one friend that suddenly your heart starts giving you some butterfly-like feelings when you’re with them? Your friend but it’s also hard to just call them your friend because you want to call them something more, you want more. This is where the relationship status: “Complicated” – just like on Facebook-  comes in and it becomes a gamble as you run the risk of ruining your friendship. Mostly, it depends on what matters most and what the heart wants.

It all starts with some reliance, compliment, humor, wit and a spice of flirt – why it’s called a “flirtationship” – in between a friendship and relationship. When a friend – a guy or girl- starts considering of breaking out of the “Friend zone” jail, here are some jail-free-card moves that are made:

  • Compliments and Sweet name calling

This is when your friend compliments you a lot and calls you some sweet pet names to show you’re special – not just as a friend though- and also asking questions and making small talks in expectation of being complimented in a romantic way. This shows that he/she is trying to put it out there that they want more than friendship.

  • Teasing about your dates

This is a means of fishing out information to know whether you’re interested in someone and whether they matter much more than your date. Jealousy which will spring up from this is one thing that breaks up a friendship from a flirtationship attempt.

  • Miss Me? Questions

It is said that distance is a matter of the heart as it makes the heart grow fonder of the person missed. Missing that friend that you aren’t so far away from and talk to virtually every hour of the day and putting it out there for some reciprocal feeling is a crack from the friendship wall.

Having a friend with whom you’re in a flirtatious relationship with can seem like the best of both worlds – like having a boyfriend without the obligations and title of a girlfriend- giving you freedom to meet and hang out with other guys, also fall in love. However, with a wrong turn, you can end up losing the possibility of a future love relationship – with your friend- and also experience an awkward situation of going back to the friendship because it’s ruined. Life is gambling risk eh?

Sometimes, you make a move and realise he/she has no such feelings for you in return, making it a one sided thing and you crawl back into your shell. So sometimes, it’s best to steer clear of a flirtationship with your best friend to avoid the risk of hurting yourselves and your friendship. But if you’ve got it going good, enjoy it while it lasts.

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