Friendships among Teenagers

Bayo Ajibola

Friendships among Teenagers

Humans are naturally social creatures. We like human company, even though some more than others, and we like to communicate with each other. This is why the telecommunication industry is booming and social media is gaining more and more popularity.

It takes a lot of energy to keep away from people and most people just find themselves gravitating towards socializing. Teenagers are not excluded from this bracket either. There is absolutely nothing wrong with friendship if it is carried out in the right way.

Friendship among teenagers is however a little different. This is the time when a human being is discovering new things about themselves, new abilities, new body functions and even new body parts. It can be quite confusing and most people prefer to talk to someone who understands what they are going through. In most cases they will settle for a fellow teenager that they are comfortable with or seems a little more knowledgeable on the subject.

A lot of information is shared between teenagers and you may never really know how much damage, or good, the information has caused. Well, it may manifest in their behavior and how they respond toward different situations but the thoughts that trigger that response are the actual effect. This is because everything begins in the mind and then gets projected outwards whether intentionally or otherwise.The first response from many parents is usually to ground their child or ban them from associating with other teens. It may work for a while but the curiosity in them may get the better of them and lead them to try out even more dangerous things without your knowledge.

Circle of influence

Human beings are prone to influence from their surroundings and teenagers experience this a lot. They may get influenced into bad habits by the wrong company or good habits in the right company. The key here is to ensure that they keep good company.

You may encourage your child’s friends to visit often so that you get to know them better before you make a conclusion about them. This will earn your teenager’s respect and trust. Your home becomes a sort of safe house for them and this earns you points. They are likely to see you as a friend over time and may slowly include you in their circle of influence.

Once you’ve earned that privilege (yes, you have to earn it parents) you can talk to them about things affecting them and help them make better choices. Don’t lord your adulthood over them but rather come down to their level while still providing wisdom and guidance. The long term benefits are well worth it!

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