Fulani Herdsmen Killings: Nigerian man and his daughters protest alone in Australia

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A Nigerian man based in Australia has shared a picture of him and his daughters protesting against the killings perpetrated by Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria.

The man and his kids took their plight to the Nigerian high commission in Canberra, as they also advised Nigerians not to sell their vote.

He wrote:

My experience renewing my passport. MUST READ!!!

Got my international passport in the mail today na why i fit post this experience be this o.

The Nigerian high commission across the world is full of sheet just like the country herself.

Imagine, every Nigerian citizen living in Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Fiji Islands & Papua New Guinea has to physically appear at the Nigerian high commission, Canberra, Australia just to snap “photo and thumbprint” within 20 minutes you don finish then you can walk, run, fly or swim back to wherever you came from, they don’t give a fvck.

As a typical 9ja kid i went there with the lowest expectation possible and i was not disappointed.

As soon as we walked into their “highly secured building” an ‘arrogant Yoruba lady’ welcomed us with a smirk on her face, sounding all rude and threatening to not attend to each one of us (10 applicants only o) if we fail to present the slightest document, looking for the slightest excuse to not do her job, between these same documents are the ones you email to them before they can even give you an appointment to come over there…Smh

Well, sadly i already anticipated this type of attitude, remember JAMB office, WAEC office, Passport office, Ikoyi e.t.c

So i made these placards to stage a quick protest with my daughters since they’re Nigerians besides it was a waste of time travelling all the way there in the first place. Every other high commission including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan & Afghanistan sef will only tell their citizens to get their thumbprint done and photo taken at the nearest post office.

Mummy, Daddy & the Youths abeg let’s wake up.

Please! Please!! Please!!! DO NOT SELL YOUR VOTE O


Fela Kuti has warned us all about these same old politicians, why then do we get fooled easily only by their change of cloths from Kaki to Agbada

They said we are the leaders of tomorrow and tomorrow is today but THEY LIED.



Abeg feel free to share & repost

Power to the people

Killings: Nigerian man and his daughetrs protest alone in Australia

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