Fun Things To Do With Your Kids During The Summer Holidays

Bayo Ajibola

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The summer holidays are here once again, and for many parents, the biggest hassle is fiding ways to keep their kids occupied. Many parents enroll their kids in summer camp, which is usually a combination of school work, sports and craft lessons.

This is great, but part of parenting should include creating positive memories with our children. Remember, they are grown and gone before we know it. These fun ideas will help us bond with our kids, as well as help them create happy memories, with which they will always associate with their childhood and family.

Perhaps you are busy with work throughout the week, but on the weekend, try including any of these activities in your routine, for a great time with the family:

  1. Have a movie night in, complete with popcorn and other snacks that the kids will love. For extra effects, turn off the lights just like they do in the cinema. Remember to let your kids pick the movie
  2. Plan a special meal that everyone participates in preparing. Decorate the house, like you are expecting a special guest, dress up and bring out the special plates and cutlery, reserved only for occasions.
  3. Act out a Shakespeare play, or any classics. African classics such as ‘Brother Jero’ by Wole Soyinka or ‘The gods are not to blame’ by Ola Rotimi are also good choices. As much as possible, dress in the appropriate costume. Have fun researching the costumes, language and


  1. Start a new family hobby, such as making crafts or painting. It doesn’t have to be perfect, as each time you look at the creation, you are reminded of a fun activity you did together as a family
  2. It’s amazing how some fun game we enjoyed as children, such as ‘suwe’ and ‘ten-ten’ never made it to the next generation. Teach your kids how to paly some of the games you excelled at as a kid. This will bring back some fun memories for you, and show your kids that you were once young!

There you have it! What did we miss? What fun activities do you enjoy with your family? Feel free to share in the comments below!


Bayo Ajibola

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