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Pastor Funke Adejumo Asked Gullible Church Members To Sow $1000 Seed

If you call yourself a child of God and you could not see the devil in what this woman is doing here then you really really need to question yourself. Which God do you serve?

As a parent, we beg you to please please and please remove yourself from any church where such is been practice. Remove your children from places and people like this. You will be doing a great de-service to your children if you allow them to grow with and listen to people like this woman.

She is after this your children ‘s money for school ooooo! What about food at home.

And this is not to include other seeds, like tithes, firstfruit, redemption of first born… they suck the flock dry in all ways. It’s sad how gullible
Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Dangote, Richard Branson, Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg etc. How much seed did they sow in church before they became billionaires? Sowing special seeds is a lie of the devil. As Christians we give, of course God blesses us.

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