Funsho Adeolu- I’m a black belt taekwondo fighter

Bayo Ajibola



Try mess with nollywood actor, Funsho Adeolu and you may be in for a big trouble as the guy has opened up that he is a black belt holder in Taekwondo. He is indeed, the last person anybody would want to pick a fight with.

He said, “My father owned a sports store in the national stadium and I still remain the only child of my father that is still into sports. My elder sister was a sprinter in school but I was not into the normal sport. My father trained me in virtually every sport but I decided to be a taekwondo fighter and I got to the level of a black belt second dan. I don’t pray anyone accost me because I am not supposed to be a fighter; I am only meant to defend myself. We don’t fight anyhow when you have a black belt because a lot of effort was put into training to attain such feat. We are trained to be mature people and we do not get angry anyhow. My sons too are training to become taekwondo fighters as well.”

He said that he did not give up the sport but believes that God created him to become an actor.

“I did not give up my dream to become a taekwondo fighter but I feel God created me to be an entertainer. I sing and I also love acting, they come to me naturally. I would not be able to touch lives as much as I want to if I was a taekwondo fighter. Taekwondo is still very much in me,” Adeolu said.

The dark skinned actor who recently lost his father revealed to Saturday Beats he was not sad about his father’s death because he believes he is in a better place.

“My father was very ill before he died but he was also an old man. I’m happy because my father was a very good Christian before he died and he breathed his last serving God. My father was someone who always taught me about life and I always learnt a lot from him anytime I was with him. I think I took a cue from him with my lifestyle. My father was a very wealthy person but he never showed it in his lifestyle. He was somebody I would want to be like when I grow older and I pray to live longer than he did. My father believed in helping people and touching lives,” the actor said.



Bayo Ajibola

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