GANI ADAMS- Why We Dumped Buhari For Jonathan

Bayo Ajibola


The National Cordinator of Oodua Peoples’ Congress, Chief Gani Adams has explained that his group resolved to endorse President Goodluck Jonathan for a second term, because of the promise to implement the report of national confab.

Adams also explained that, the OPC decided to dump former Lagos State governor and national leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tibubu for the People’s Democratic Party candidate because the former governor had lost the focus.

The OPC leader said this, during the Olokun festival and 2015 Lisabi day held in Abeokuta , Weekend, describing the festival as very important to Yoruba race.

While fielding questions with newsmen on the coming elections, Adams disclosed that, most groups have adopted President Jonathan for second term because of the pledge to implement 633 recommendations of the confab.

According to him, If it is the wish of President Jonathan to implement the outcome of the National Conference, let him be the President for a second term. That’s our position. That’s the position of OPC.

Gani Adams, Fasehun; that’s the position of Afenifere. That’s the position of the Yoruba Council of Elders, that’s the position of many self-determination groups.

“Yet some civil society groups have kept quiet on these issues.

So, we need to move this country forward on the basis of structure and not about saying Buhari will come to perform miracle.

When Buhari was in power, it was Buhari/Idiagbon government, not only Buhari. Idiagbon did much of the job in government.

Buhari was just the administrator. Idiagbon was the master-strategist of that government”, he said .

While explaining the reason the OPC dumped Tinubu’s party, for Jonathan, Adams said ” and my brother, Tinubu ,was the one that said that it’s a diversionary tactics .

Tinubu was one of the people we learnt true Federalism from. I learnt true Federalism from Tinubu.

We saw him as a hero 12 years ago, but , a sudden change in his ideology gave me a serious thought.

I don’t have any serious issue about them because I’m not a government official but notwithstanding I have the right to defend my own future.

I’m leading an organization of millions of people and I will not lead them the wrong way”.

Source: Vanguard

Bayo Ajibola

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