Getting Pregnant After a Miscarriage: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

Bayo Ajibola

Getting Pregnant After a Miscarriage

Every pregnant woman looks forward to holding her baby in her arms. The nine-month journey is long and harrowing for some while for others it is just a breeze. You never know how your pregnancy will turn out but everyone always hopes for the best.

In some instances however a pregnancy can get miscarried along the way and it can be a painful experience. It painful both physically and emotionally because once a bay starts to grow inside you it becomes a part of you. Most mothers begin talking to their unborn babies very early on and miscarrying feels like losing a baby that you had already delivered.

Miscarriage is characterized by serious abdominal pain, heavy bleeding and probably visual disturbances like flashing lights. A miscarriage cannot be stopped once it starts but getting medical attention in the shortest time possible will help save the mother’s life.

Miscarrying during the first trimester is very common but doctors say that it is possible to have a baby even after several miscarriages. Chances are about 75 per cent that you will carry another pregnancy to term.


Determining the cause of miscarriage is only done if you have had three miscarriages in a row so your concerns may not be addressed as soon you would like them to. Most women worry that they did something to trigger the miscarriage but you may find that it is not you. The most common cause is chromosomal abnormality and this occurs in the embryo so the problem will already be present as soon as you conceive. This is not something you should blame for yourself for so try and keep a clear head.

Trying again

It is likely that you will want to try again for another baby at some point but it may take a while since some take longer to heal emotionally. Doctors advise trying to get pregnant within six months of a miscarriage. This somehow improves your chances of carrying your pregnancy to term.Age is also another factor. If you are above 35 years of age it is important to begin trying soon after the miscarriage because chances of conceiving are slim after this age.

That said; give yourself a month or two before you try again. Your period should at least become regular during this time thus improving your planning for sex during ovulation. If the miscarriage happened late in the pregnancy you may want to take some more time.


There can be a lot of pressure to conceive again but try and relax. You may not even feel like having sex for some time and this is normal. Take some relaxation time, meditation and even yoga to help ease your mind.

You may honestly want another baby but the thought of losing a baby again may scare you to not try. If the pain and hurt is too difficult to bear alone you can get the help of a counselor to help you get through your grief.

It is also advisable to get your eating habits in order and practice healthy eating. Healthy eating includes quitting alcohol and smoking. Exercise will also add to this and you can choose something like swimming or walking so that you can be able to continue with it during pregnancy. Vitamin supplements can also be added to your new diet.

Your thoughts play a big part in this as well since a positive outlook will help keep you happy. Some say that visualizing yourself as pregnant and carrying the baby to term helps set the mood for it so why not give it a try?

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