Groom cancels wedding after bride’s family didn’t prepare the dish he wanted, marries another woman same day

A27-year-old man identified as Ramakant Patra in India reportedly called off his over the bride’s family failure to prepare a dish he had wanted.

The New Indian Express reported that to anger the bride’s family, the groom married another woman later that day.

The groom had arrived with a traditional wedding procession to marry a woman in Sukinda, a town in the Jajpur district of Odisha, on Wednesday June 23.

When he and his family arrived, the bride’s relatives prepare lunch before the wedding ceremony as the groom demanded mutton (sheep meat) curry be part of the wedding feast, but when the dish was not prepared, an argument broke out and soon escalated.

Patra then called off the wedding and could not be convinced to change his mind leading to him and his family going to a relative’s home in Sukinda, where they stayed the rest of the day.

That night, he reportedly married another woman before returning home to Rebanapalaspal in the neighboring Keonjhar district.

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