He suspects me too much. What should i do?

Bayo Ajibola

Truth doesn’t always set you free. I got exactly the same experience, I have been very straightforward with my husband about previous love affairs and life generally, simply because, as I explained to him, clearly there was practically nothing in my life that I felt embarrassed about.

I had a wonderful life, with all of the heartbreak as well as breakups involved. It’s part of life that defines us as people.

My husband is a couple of years younger than me so I could very well have an understanding of where he is coming from.

We didn’t have similar understanding and perception of things and life generally.

But frequently, as a result of his insecurities and jealousy, I had to listen to reproaches about my previous life.

For what reason? Since I made a big mistake of telling him just about every little hidden secret in my heart, and he played with my weaknesses or better said, my less than fortunate choices I made in my past.

I’ve been enduring for a year, understanding his age and his culture (we do come from different backgrounds).

It may sound horrible, but the the fact is I’m an independent lady, self-sufficient, with passions as well as other activities to fill my every day agenda.

He is a really good looking man with little academic education, who goes crazy if I don’t respond to his text messages, or don’t pick-up the telephone when he calls.

And whenever he gets crazy, he will start imagining all worst scenario, to reminding me of the number of relationships I had before him.

I normally saw the best in him and I saw his prospects. That has been the main reason I kept on going.

I am also very much in love with him. I’ve made an effort to calmly speak to him, explaining how things work in reality, to talk about my experiences with him in order for him to learn.

People are told the truth but they don’t understand how to handle it simply because refuse to see a completely different picture aside from the one they imagine.

And also he does get verbally overly aggressive and violent asking me to prove every word I say.

My question is: How do i cope with a situationlike this? Big dilemma. Should i just have to let go?

Bayo Ajibola

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