Health Benefits of Avocado.THE POWER OF THE AVOCADO.

Bayo Ajibola

Health Benefits of Avocado.The avocado pear, for those who may need some description, is a pear-shaped fruit which is light green in colour with a rough, leathery skin and smooth, oily edible flesh. A popular adage says “what you don’t know can’t kill you.”  We wish that was true. But since we know better, it becomes highly pertinent to arm ourselves with the right information as much as we can, and to disconnect our minds from prior erroneous assumptions.  One of such assumptions as regards to our nutrition is that avocados are high in fat. So therefore they are bad for the heart.

Health Benefits of Avocado

Is avocado high in fat? Emphatically yes. Is avocado bad for the heart? Capital no! A number of research works analyse this misconception in fine details. A summary of the reality of the nutritional content of the avocado pear is this: avocados possess good cholesterol while also effective in reducing bad cholesterol. As a result of this, they are very good for thecardiovascular system. As a matter of fact, increased avocado consumption has even been shown experimentally to be friendly with weight control.

The reason that has really scared people off this fruit, is the oversimplification that “fat is fat,” neglecting the fact that avocado fat is mainly monounsaturated. Nutritionist Gaylord Hauser once described the avocado pear this way: “In this singledelectable fruit are combined the protein of meat, the fat of butter [but much more wholesome!], the vitamins and minerals ofgreen vegetables, the flavor of nuts, a six course dinner “. And this may well be an underestimation of this sublime gift of nature.

When it comes to purity, ease of digestion, very few fruits can match it pound for pound. Below are some of the reasons why including the avocado pear once again in your diet schedule would do you great good.Health Benefits of Avocado.

1.         The Avocado Oil is monosaturated

The avocado oil is unusually mild, with a delicate flavour that boosts the flavor of your meal. Since it is also light, mixing well with other food is not usually an issue.  With the fear and rejection fried foods elicit due to its undesirable health reputation,the application of avocado oil can cause a great effect.

2.         Use of Avocado Cosmetics

Due to the increasing concern for the environment, avocado cosmetics come with the added advantage of being highly biodegradable. Its use as a skin moisturizer, cleansing cream, makeup base, sunscreen, lipstick, bath oil, and hair conditioner have been widely reported.  The major merits of the use of the avocado pear on the skin are its distinct softening and soothing nature and its remarkable absorption. It is reported to have the highest skin penetration rate.

3.         Yes, Avocado Pears for Weight control!

Popular suppositions about the fattening potential of the avocado have been quite untrue. Its rich fat content gives a fast feeling of being satiated (“fullness”).  This stems the case of over-eating which is one cause of weight gain.  Recent evidencehas also shown that calories are not the whole story for body weight; timing of consumption and exercise are strong factors.

More of this to be continued.


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