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Healthy Foods Can Nuts be Fattening

Nuts such as almonds, cashews, pistachios and walnuts are full of calories. These calories could be great at lowering bad cholesterol, however, if eaten excessively can nuts lead to putting on weight? Dr. Puneet Nayak, CMD of a well-known and respected weight reduction clinic and Obesity Consultant unveils the correct amount of nuts we ought to consume to have a healthy heart and normal weight.

Nutritional benefit of nuts:

“It contains monounsaturated fat, protein, fibre, vitamin E, folic acid, antioxidants and many more micronutrients. It is not incorrect to call nuts ‘a powerhouse of Good Nutrition’”, says Dr Puneet Nayak. “Nuts are delicious, nutritious and filling.”

Protein supply for vegetarians:

The doctor points out, “The unsaturated fat is a healthier variety of fat compared to saturated fat. Also, the protein in nuts is a good option for vegetarians who otherwise miss out on non-vegetarian sources of protein.”

Dieting treat:

“Nuts and seeds are generally handy snacks that can be conveniently carried along in case you are dieting,” suggests Dr. Puneet Nayak. “The lowest-calorie nuts are almonds, cashews and pistachios. Those on a diet should steer clear of packaged salted nuts or roasted in oil, rather it is best to eat them raw or dry roasted.”

Dr Nayak says, “Macademia nuts and pecans are high-calorie nuts plus they shouldn’t be paired with salty or sugary toppings.”

Heart Health:

He points out the significance of nuts for patients with heart problems , “Nuts are a powerhouse of good nutrition and when eaten moderately,can lower the risk of heart problems. In addition they lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol levels. Nuts also assist in preventing hardening of the arteries and will help in dilating blood vessels. Almost all nuts consist of heart healthy omega-3 fatty acid, most especially walnuts. Walnuts possess the highest quantity of alpha linolenic acid, which is certainly healthy for the heart.”

Healthy Fats or Not?:

Dr. Nayak throws even more light on nuts, fats and cholesterol. He said, “Nuts do consist of a substantial amount of fat that is unsaturated and healthier fat, as opposed to saturated fats, which can cause many diseases. Stick to a cholesterol-lowering diet which is loaded with monounsaturated fat to reduced blood cholesterol, it is highly effective than following a cholesterol lowering diet which is low in monounsaturated fat.”


“Eating a handful of nuts daily, for example almonds, walnuts, pistachio, pine nuts, etc. may prevent heart diseases as long as you steer clear of extra salt or sugar,” says Dr Nayak, Obesity Consultant.

Right Quantity of Nuts:

However the main question is , what exactly is the suggested consumption of nuts on a regular basis? As outlined by US FDA, it is advisable to eat 42 gms or one or two tablespoon of nuts daily to experience the health benefits from nuts.

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