Help! How Do I Tell My Hubby He’s Not The Daddy Of Our Son

Bayo Ajibola

I am in a dilemma at this time. I don’t want my world to come down on me simply because I decided to cover up the only mistake I made that has also become my biggest source of happiness.

I’ve been married for 10 years to the man who took my virginity. Having said that, I’ve never been pregnant for him, not even for once.

I frequented various clinics and doctors, experienced numerous test but they all certified me okay. The very last doctor I contacted was adamant I come with my hubby at my next consultation. Immediately After i said to my hubby regarding the doctor’s insistence on seeing him too, he declined initially but later decided to go along with me after he saw me sobbing profusely during the night.

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The following morning, we went to the medical center to see the doctor. After a number of tests were performed on me and my hubby, the doctor certified the two of us healthy to bear children. He, however, encouraged that we simply wait on God.

Eight years into our marriage, I took a trip outside the country for a seminar and on the evening of the dinner, I believe I drank a littleexcessive and found myself in the bed of a colleague from another organization. I felt irresponsible and guilty of this awful blunder. I blamed myself for drinking far too much when I knew I am unable to handle myself every time I drink. The most unfortunate part was that because we were both drunk, we didn’t use protection. “What if I had contacted any type of infection?” I felt awful!

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Approximately five weeks soon after my return, I began feeling sick so I went to the clinic. After a couple of urine and blood tests, the doctor revealed that I was three weeks pregnant. There was mixed emotions. I became happy and unhappy simultaneously since I was very sure my hubby wasn’t the dad of my unborn baby. Nonetheless, as soon as I told him about the pregnancy, he was thrilled. He shed tears of joy while he hugged and congratulated us on our soon-to-be-parents status.

He promised to take very good care of me and as well be a good dad. All through the pregnancy, he was constantly by my side as we both were looking forward to the birth of our baby. When our son was finally born, my hubby was the most joyful man in the world. He participated in the initial weeks of nights without sleep. Also, he really helped out with changing nappies amongst other things so that I’m able to get the much-needed rest while he at the same time also bonded with the baby.

However it has got to a stage where I can’t bare this secret any longer. I feel so guilt ridden for unconsciously cheating on my hubby. Yet anytime I summon the courage to tell him the simple truth, his pure fatherly love for the boy prevents me. He has brought about a great deal of joy into our home. Funny enough, the boy has got the infant resemblance of my hubby however I know deep-down in my heart that this child isn’t his.

Our son is 7 months old now and I’m starting to see the similarity with his biological dad. Do I Need To just tell my hubby the simple truth and face the implications or simply keep quiet and enjoy my small family as I keep wishing and hoping that my hubby doesn’t find out the real truth? What exactly should I do? Please, I need advice.


Bayo Ajibola

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