Help: I Am Struggling With The Idea Of Having Another Child

Bayo Ajibola

First of all,I want to thank you for the marvelous work that you are doing with helping and advising people. You don’t know how many lives you are touching. My friend and I always look forward to reading your advice on every matter that you handle. God bless you ma. Keep up the good work.

A few days ago,I read about a woman who the husband is misbehaving because of not having a male child. When I read that story,it was as if it was me it was talking about. I am in a similar situation. My own case however,it is not my husband that is the problem but my husband’s family. We have three beautiful girls and my husband loves them very well.

I also adore them. But my husband’s family is putting so much pressure on me to have another baby because the want a male child. What they don’t understand is that I am scared of having another child because we are not financially buoyant. It is not like we are very poor but things are not that ok. Raising three kids is already too much financial burden on us. I am a Teacher,my husband runs a business center. So its not like our income is bad but it is always a struggle,like living from hand to mouth.

Secondly,my husband and I are AS genotype. All our children are also AS genotype. I don’t want to have another child and God forbid,its SS. Besides,what is the guarantee that the next child will be a male child. Even though I know my husband is ok with my girls,his family always taunt me. They say that my girls have no legal place in their family.

This makes me feel very hurt. I feel sometimes like the family will not recognize my girls in future. My friend also thinks that my husband may be pretending to be ok  because his family is always disturbing him too to have a male child. Because of this,I try to stay away from his family but that even makes it worse cos they call me names for this. Especially my mother in law. She says that I am proud and wicked for not giving her a grandson. Is it my making not to have a son?

Ma,these things are really disturbing me.What is the guarantee that I will have a son if I try for another baby? How will we cope with another child financially when things have not changed for us? And how do I ensure that the next baby is at least an AS not SS?

I look forward to the reading helpful comments from you on the blog.

Thank you and God bless.

Bayo Ajibola

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