Help: I Think I Am Loosing My Mind Over This Thing Called Marriage-Pt 2

Bayo Ajibola

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Part 2.

Until one day ,I was having trouble with my banking app and I wanted to send money to my junior brother since it’s festive period so I told my hubby to assist me with the transaction that I can give him the cash .
My hubby refused that the bank will deduct #50 from his account . That particular day I made a decision to change and plan my life .I started trying to learn tailoring on the internet as God will have it somebody informed me she needed to sell a sowing machine and I showed interest in buying and pleaded with this lady that I can only pay 2 times she agreed and I bought the machine .

To crown it all a work colleague is also a dressmaker whenever am about cutting any dress I will approach her and she would not hesitate to help me, within 2 months I started cutting and sowing all by myself. He never for once asked me how I was able to pay up for the machine.
I started buying materials and sowing for myself and my girls . I stop bothering about him and concentrated on my children and myself. I stopped caring for him and withdrew all my attention toward him including cleaning the house.

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There was this very day I drove his car to the market simply because it was pouring and I need to get something urgent , immediately I parked the vehicle , I saw him , there’s no way I could go to the front or back he will see his car , I now parked the car and hide my self by the side of the car making sure that he can go without seeing me even if he should see his car because people in that place will pity me that day .

Immediately he saw his car he parked the one his driving and walked to where I parked and started calling me ,I did not pick ,me that I sneaked from his presence that day I saw hell when I get home.
This makes me hate him the more ,I became wild toward him ,I neglected and hardly talk to him ,even when making love I will not participate , my love for him has reduced drastically and I started looking good ,me that most men are running after me because of my beauty , to be candid am so much endowed and my husband does not see me as anything .

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I will not call him ,even if he traveled for a week ,I hardly talk to him ,I will only greet him and asked him what will you eat. I totally neglected him. It continued till early December , he started worrying that I no longer participate during sex ,I told him I don’t feel like it anymore.
That led him to a counselor , he explained to him my behavior and the councilor gave him 3 point that might be responsible for my actions and one happened to be that he should go and change his way . He came home ,he begged that he will change that I should give him another chance I said ok. I tried to change although it was very difficult for me because I have been wronged by him in many ways .

We traveled for December .When came back in January ,he started he’s drama again ,my cousin that is staying with me came back from home ,he greeted my husband he did not answer . Although he has told me that the lady did not call since she left for home and I called her and asked her why and directed her to call him , which she did and my husband did not pick.

The next morning ,my cousin called me and told me that my husband has locked all the doors including the windows in the house and left her inside closing both gates ,windows and doors . When I got home ,I asked him and he started his abuse again ,he nearly beat me up that day again. Saying it is because am ok in his house that I invited my cousin.

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During this lock down ,my first daughter of 13 years ran away from home ,we were able to find her . Her father nearly beat her to death ,It was then she started saying , she hate her daddy ,that he never show them love and care ,that she’s not even sure he’s their father ,that she’s tired of staying in this cage called house , I was amazed at her utterance .
It was then I realized the kids too are not happy, immediately the eldest said…

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To be continued…

Bayo Ajibola

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