His communication worries me but he wants to marry me

What are relationships supposed to look like? I feel like something is off but I’m not sure I have concrete reasons. There’s a man I met a few months ago. He says he loves me and intends to marry me at some point. We’ve only met once but we talk on the phone.

The problem is in our communication. Or rather, his communication. Whenever I call him he’ll either not pick up at all or he answers and says he’ll call me back after a few minutes. So far I’ve waited for up to three days and he didn’t call back. He says he works the night shift but he only calls me between 1am and 3am. I jokingly asked why he only calls me at night and he said he’s usually busy during the day. I have no idea what he does during the day and he completely refused to tell me. He only said that is confidential information and he’ll tell me in due course.

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He often talks of me going for a sleepover at his place so that we can talk about marriage and start planning for it. I would honestly love to get married but I feel like he’s not serious with this relationship. I feel very lonely and I’m not sure whether he truly loves me or not.

Am I asking for too much? Or maybe I’ve watched too many movies and I’m expecting unattainable things? Am I being a nag for wanting to know more about him and wanting him to act like he really loves me? I honestly feel like quitting this relationship because what is a relationship without communication? Please advise.

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