“His nose, gapped teeth, and tummy are big turn off” – Lady laments about features of her fiancée

A Young lady is seeking advice on her relationship with a doctor who is ready for marriage but she dislikes some physical features on him.

her words,

“Good evening. So i met this guy who is a medical Doctor. He is so sweet and his voice is deep. We got talking and I liked him but whenever he sends a picture, he hardly smiles. We finally saw each other few weeks ago and I found out that he has a very spacious gap tooth and crooked tooth. It’s not like those cute gap teeth. His nose is also very big. He drives a camry and his apartment is neat. He has been manifesting signs of a stingy person. I hate stingy men and I love it when my man takes care of me. All he does is buys food for me and airtime. He dresses neatly but his sense of style is a bit old fashion. We had sex a couple of times but he cannot f**k well and his tummy is big. He said he has plans of relocating to the UK as a medical Dr and by next year he can be there with his wife. He said he wants to go to my family for introduction. Should I accept his proposal and manage him like that? The gap teeth is a huge turn off to be honest.”

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