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Housekeeper or house-helps Is a person – whether young or old – hired to manage the affairs of the house or household. Sadly, majority of these housemaids or housekeepers are products of parental failure and divorce and these are the people that are expected to spend the most productive time in a day with the children.

Choosing the right one is a difficult choice to make. However, the following factors should be considered when making a choice:

1.      PREPARE A GUARANTOR FORM: The form must include a full detail of the guarantor and a space to place a photographof the guarantor.

2.       INVITE MORE THAN TWO: Most new age parents just employ a maid people recommend to them or anyone they see. Even companies make a job open to the public, make applicants go through tough screening before hiring the best from the rest.

From the interview of two or more people, the best will surely be among them.

3.      LOOK FOR NATURAL PASSION FOR THE JOB: Many people are looking for such job due to poverty, homelessness and desperation. A good housekeeper or housemaid may start cleaning the house on the day of the interview and will do so from the bottom of their heart. A passionate housekeeper will come to the interview with a smile and work without being told.

4.      LOOK FOR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Look for someone attended a primary school and can communicate with the kids at home or offer them a little assistant with their homework.

5.      LOOK AT DRESS SENSE: Though appearance is deceptive but it matters a lot. Someone who dresses shabbily to your house may mess up your home. Someone who knows how to look after herself will certainly know how to take a good care of a home.

6.      CULTURAL BACKGROUND: This matters if you intend to impart your culture and traditions in your children. Someone with vast knowledge in your culture and traditions will be a useful addition to a family.

7.      LOOK FOR PEOPLE WHO ALSO HAVE KIDS: Someone who has given birth before will know how to appreciate a child than someone with nothing to lose. They have what they work and live for and will work hard for it. As mothers, they will certainly know how to train a child aside household chore.

8.      SELECT A PATIENT PERSON: On the day of the interview, purposely delay them and notice who is patient and feels comfortable and who is impatient and is regularly checking the watch.

9.      SELECT A GOOD COOK: A bad maid may be managed but a bad cook is a bomb waiting to explode. You can deny your kids your full attention, don’t deny them a good food by feeding them poison from a poor cook.

10.  BRAINSTORM WITH A PARTNER BEFORE FINAL SELECTION: If you are married, decide with your partner and if you are a single parent, invite a friend to access the applicants with you. Besides, two good heads are better than one.

Selecting a good and dedicated person requires the grace of God. Hence, busy parents are strongly advised to fix the interview on a day that they are less busy so that they can make the right choice for themselves and their kids.

Bayo Ajibola

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