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How Best Can You Sleep With That Pregnancy

Sleep is one thing that is essential to every human being. Its importance becomes even more heightened during pregnancy. Your body even prompts you to get more and more of it because of all the extra work that is going on behind the scenes to ensure that the baby is nourished at all times.

The irony of all this however is the fact that at some point your tummy begins to get in the way of this. You already have your hips, back and muscles aching so you need the rest but your stomach just literally pops and makes it difficult to sleep properly.

It is expected that you will have some difficulty adjusting to the new predicament but it will be well. The first trimester poses little disruption since you hardly feel pregnant apart from the tummy aches and maybe morning sickness. You can still sleep in any position without causing any disruption to your baby’s growth.

Positions to avoid

When you begin to show there are certain positions that you should avoid. Sleeping on your tummy is a definite no-no. It will be very uncomfortable for you as you will discover and you will slowly wean yourself off it.

Sleeping on your back is another no-go zone. This is because as the fetus continues to grow in size its weight also increases. Lying on your back increases the pressure being placed on the vena cava, which is the main artery taking blood back to the heart.

Pressure on this blood vessel reduces the blood flow to the placenta thus reducing the amount of nutrients and oxygen that the baby gets. This affects the development of the baby.

Side is best

Doctors recommend that you sleep on your sides, preferably the left side. This is because the liver and other major organs lie on the right side. Sleeping on your left will ensure that there is minimal pressure on them thus keeping them functioning at optimum levels. There will also be no pressure on the vena cava therefore blood flow remains constant.

Even without the doctors advice you will find yourself sleeping on your side. Sleeping on your right is not a death sentence but it may get uncomfortable sometimes. Any discomfort should prompt you to switch sides. If by any chance you wake up on your back, tummy or right side, just relax.

It was probably your body waking you up so that you could change position (or take a trip to the bathroom). You can use pillows between your legs and other sleeping aids to help you get some sleep since you do need it.

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