How big is my baby at 37 weeks?

Bayo Ajibola
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Hey yummy mummies. Welcome to the 37th week of your beautiful pregnancy.

Here we will be discussing every that deals with you and your baby in this week. You ready? Lets go!!!

Congrats mummies, now your bundle of joy weighs 3kg and should be noted that he will be gaining about half a pound a week and will be around 50cm long head to toe. Such babies are considered full term and is more than welcome should they decide they want to come out now and meet mummy. However, you should not panic, if they decide to stay a few days longer babies differ.

You should also know that your baby’s lungs are more than likely capable of adjusting to life outside the womb, and their tummy is now packed full of meconium, which will form the contents of their very first nappy (the green and sticky content seen!).

At birth, your baby’s  head, hips, abdomen and shoulders will be same size/ Also, it should be noted that there will be a change in the shape through the first few weeks after the birth.

Also, in this week, they are most likely in the ‘engaged’ position, head down, and ready to go. Should they decide on entering the world this week, it is very possible that thy might still have a little lanugo hair on their bodies, or patches of vernix, which is the waxy white substance that has protected them in the womb.

Their immune system will continually develop this week and after birth. After birth, breastmilk will supply them with the necessary antibodies needed to stay healthy.

You at 37 weeks pregnant

For most women, they might welcome their little bundle[s] of joy in the 38 and 42 weeks of pregnancy, however should you go beyond 41-weeks, induction will be discussed to help birth your baby.

This week, that spirit of anxiousness must have crept up to you, as you are more than  ready to meet the little kicker in you and this might make you start feeling a bit worn out and tired of flaunting your  baby bump around!  You should not be tired because the you should  know that there isn’t much time left, so instead of worrying and putting much pressure on yourself, just relax and enjoy flaunting your baby bump around. Also, you should stay alert for those early signs of labourThis comes differently for women as many start with theirs breaking, contractions starting, or seeing a ‘show’, which is the bloody mucus plug that is covering your cervix coming off. When these signs are noticed, be prepared, your baby will be born in no time, so call your midwife or your spouse if it so happens that you are alone.

When your baby finally arrives, try as much as possible to enjoy some alone time with the baby and your family before friends and families starts trooping in to congratulate you on the new baby.

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