How could any man do this to a woman? Last week on Tito’s diary.

Bayo Ajibola

“Tito! Tito!! Tito!! Tito!!!! He kept screaming from the sitting room, before I could respond to his call, he turned the handle and yanked the door open. I almost jumped out of my skin for fear of what was coming. “How many times have I warned you not to patronize our neighbours’ kids? And why would you buy them such gifts so much their mum had to ask me to please appreciate you on her behalf. Why?”

As I opened my mouth to respond to his right allegations, everything went blank, blue, red and then faintly returned to normal; Tadese had slapped me like four times. When I regained my stability I burst into tears and that infuriated him and oh! heavenlies he beat me blue black.

“Madam! can you see me now?” I tried to fix my gaze on the man standing in what seems like a white apparel, before I could actually recognized who, I went dizzy and must have probably slept for God knows how many hours. By the time I woke up from what seems like the sleep of death, it was 12pm. And, I tried to sit up just to recapture what happened and ascertain my wellbeing, I felt this sharp pain in my leg which was accompanied by a terrible headache, and so I went back to my formal position.

Then this beautiful nurse walked in with a beaming smile on her face, armed with the instruments needed for routine checkup. “Good morning madam, how..?” I cut in to her words just before she could complete it.. “Where am I?  What Happened? How did I get here? Too many questions at once. “Just calm down madam you will be fine, you are in good hands here in our hospital” Hospital? How come? Then the picture fell back in place as his voice screaming out my name came back and was ringing in my head and becoming so real again like Harry Porter’s movie I didn’t wanna watch.

The Nurse continued to explain how I was brought in by my husband who claimed I slipped and fell from the staircase. She said “since you got here yesterday evening, we have been taking good care of you. Thank God you are fully conscious now.” She hurried off as she sputter the words” let me get the doctor”. I watched as she walked away in all elegance.

A tall dark middle aged man he was. As he gallantly strolled across the room he rendered his lines like they were prerecorded. “Madam welcome to St Patterson hospital, I am delighted to see a better you this afternoon” “my name is Dr Abrahams, how you feel now?”  “Fine” I could remember my responses were so short and simple until the Doctor said “Mrs Hasstrup, I am afraid I got some not so good news for you” I looked on in bewilderment waiting for the news to drop. Am I dying?

Bayo Ajibola

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