How do I win my girlfriend back? She broke up with me because I cheated.

I need help please. The last proper relationship I had ended because I cheated on my girlfriend. I met her at a bank. We both came to run some transactions and we met on the queue. She was well-mannered and because I was in a hurry, I took her number and gave her a call later. As always she was polite yet free and easygoing. We continued talking for some time and when I realized she was really a nice person and had some of the major attributes I needed in a woman I asked her out and she agreed. We went on dates for some time and before she agreed to be my girlfriend, we spoke about things that we didn’t like and wouldn’t like any of us to do to the other. She said that cheating was the deal breaker for her. She said it seriously and made me understand that any day she finds out that I cheated on her while we were together, be it a mistake or intentional, that she was going to quit. I told her that wasn’t a problem. I didn’t even take it seriously because that wasn’t the first time I’ve heard that from people, especially women. She said other things she didn’t like such as dishonesty, poor communication and others. 

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She also said that any day I lay my hands on her that she’d leave. I respect women so that wasn’t a problem for me. However, I have had a lot of flings with women in the past so I’ve heard all those stories and I wasn’t bothered. The truth is, I am a serial cheat. I love women and I haven’t been able to control myself. I am well to do. I earn very well so money is not my problem. I can comfortably spend on my women. I take them on vacation and buy things for them so even if they find out that I am cheating on them, they still don’t leave because of what they gain from me so I thought it was going to be the same with her. Our relationship was going well, she was a really nice person and she said she doesn’t want to have sex with me yet until she gets certain of what we have. I can’t stay without sex so I agreed because i love her. However, I continued to see other women behind her back. This continued for months. She was my main girlfriend and I was still spending time with her. 

She works and earns well so she rarely asks me for money. That was one of the reasons why I respected her so much. She later found out that I was cheating on her and broke up with me. She was really angry, she cried and and picked her things and left my house. I called her to apologize but she wasn’t taking my calls. She later blocked my number so I wasn’t able to reach her. I didn’t bother going to her house because I felt there was nothing to lose. After about two weeks, I realized that I missed her and I wasn’t comfortable staying without her. I found out that there were things she did for me that other girls couldn’t offer. I found out that she gave me peace of mind. I was feeling so lonely and sad. Even though other girls came around to see me, I didn’t like their presence. Gradually I began to resent other girls. They had nothing to offer apart from sex. I was missing my girlfriend so much and it was in that moment that I found out that she was the right person for me.

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I tried getting back to her to apologize but she wasn’t listening to me. She blocked my number so whenever I called her with another number and she hears my voice, she hangs up. I later went to her house but she didn’t allow me to enter. I tried everything I could do to get her attention but it was as if her mind was already made up. I miss her so much. I have realized my mistakes and I am willing to settle down and make things right. I just need a way to get her attention. She hasn’t even allowed me to talk. I don’t know what to do. I have sent her a message but nothing is working. I have spoken to her friend so she could help me talk to her but she still doesn’t give me the chance to speak to her or explain things. As it is, I don’t know what to do anymore. I am sorry and I am willing to change. Please I need suggestions. What can I do to win her back. I really love her so much. 

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