How does God Bring Two People Together

Bayo Ajibola
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How does God Bring Two People Together.God is love and He is the very epitome of this feeling. Jesus Christ said that no one comes to Him unless they are drawn by the Father and therefore one thing that we should know is that God does draw people towards Himself and towards other people. We should also know that God is not a dictator, He will draw you but it is up to you to choose whether you will be drawn or not.

Couples that were brought together by God

Adam and Eve

They were the first couple. God had given Adam the responsibility of managing the garden. Adam even named the animals but there was one creature Adam did not see. God saw this and said it was not good for man to be alone. God made a woman and Adam named her a wife and mother. All God had to do is put Adam’s ribs literally in front of him. Who has God brought in front of you?

Isaac and Rebecca

Isaac was already forty years when his mother, Sara passed on. The man was heart broken and the father, Abraham saw it. He told his senior servant to go far away to get Isaac a wife. This servant was clueless and so he consulted God.  Isaac was bearing the burden of sorry and so he needed someone who would take that burden away. So the prayer was that the woman who would give water to the servants and also extend the same generosity to their camels would be the wife. Do note that those days there were no taps and a caravan of camels does not come small. Also note that camels drink a lot of water. Rebecca did everything and when Isaac saw her from afar, he loved her. This wasn’t magic. Rebecca must have had this good habit since she started fetching water. God just ensured that the servants were there to witness it.

Mary and Joseph

Theirs is a classic case of divine intervention. They were engaged but when a baby came in, they were to be separated secretly lest Mary was stoned to death. God decide to warn Joseph in a dream. Just imagine God warning your man in a dream? But that is what kept them together. In fact, Joseph taught Jesus how to be a carpenter. God even makes men accept single mothers and even protect their step children. Joseph took Jesus away from Herod.

So How does God do it

There is more than enough evidence that God does bring two people together but still, we need more conviction that it really happens. The Bible says that none will lack their mate and just as we are meant to fellowship with the Father, we were also built to fellowship in love with a specific other.


One of the signs that God brings people together is through the feeling that someone is missing. You see, after naming all the animals, Adam found no partner for himself. It should be noted that marriage is not supposed to make you complete. You must enter marriage when complete. Adam completed his task. There are those who are complete and satisfied and find singlehood to be a blessing. If you are complete and have this feeling that someone is missing then it is time for a deep sleep. Be still.


To be still is to lean back and let God do His thing. This is not the time to date every likable female. Adam was in deep slumber and when he woke up, the woman was there. Keep yourself busy. Work on being the best version of yourself. God will take care of this for you.


After making the woman from the rib, God presented the woman to Adam. God made the woman from Adam’s rib. He used what was in Adam to give Adam a companion. This is a clear statement that the wife you desire is within you and your character. You attract what you are.  Work on yourself and you will be presented as a worthy workman unashamed.


You should also note that God presented the woman to Adam in the garden. This signifies a relationship should exist in His presence. Anyone who takes you away from the presence of God is not God ordained for your life. Another thing is that Adam and the woman were both naked and were not ashamed. You have worked on yourselves and you come into a relationship as a complete package and there is nothing to hide before God and man.


Lastly, you enjoy the fit. You see, God brought Adam a woman, Adam made her his wife. God did not say let us make Adam a wife in our own image, He made Adam a woman, presented her and because Adam had worked on himself and on the other creatures and when he saw the woman he knew that she was the one. The animals that Adam named signify the other people who come to your life. They have their place. The cross is a sign of finished works and even God presented a finished work for Adam because Adam finished the necessary task of discovering the creatures that were around him were not his companions.

Be Patient and God Centered

God has to be in the equation and He has to be center stage. Do not give God deadlines instead, give Him the desires of your heart. While you are waiting on Him be busy with working on yourself. Dig deeper into the Word. Be busy in His house, pray for the grace to be patient but most of all pray for wisdom and discernment because He will definitely present you with someone but you will have to see the life partner in them. You see, when the earth was desolate and without form, God saw what He wanted and He started to act on it. Do you know what you want? Your spouse might not be here yet but just keep on working on yourself because that is the process that will unveil before your eyes.


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