How God Can Bring People Together

Bayo Ajibola
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 How God Can Bring People Together . 

Religion is hotly debated in most places and falls under the rubric of things you’re not supposed to discuss at a cocktail party. But privately and in the hearts of many spirituality is something very real and tangible. There are of course faiths in the world that discourage their adherents from dating outside the in group and some say that makes their choice of a partner either more difficult or far easier. But what about those who believe in a supreme being and are looking for a partner with a similar but not necessarily identical religious outlook? How God Can Bring People Together.God will bring you two together at the right time and in the right place. How God Can Bring People Together.

Traditionally things like the church social have been a way for the eligible congregants of a given faith to mingle and perhaps meet “the one”. With participation in organized religion way down in much of the world, these events don’t represent the opportunity they once did. Few wish to be defined by their religious affiliation now and many hold religion as something private they don’t like to talk about at work or school. So how can a belief in God, Jehovah, Adonai, Allah or whatever one calls his or her deity help in bringing people together when few feel comfortable expressing belief openly?

You don’t have to wear it on your sleeve.

It is said that a man’s beliefs are revealed more in his actions than in his words. One needn’t wear a name badge identifying themselves as a person of faith when the way he or she interacts in the world can be just as convincing to a potential future partner. “Goodness”, for lack of a better word, transcends the labels religions pin to themselves. People can judge one another as kind, decent and charitable without being told of someone’s individual belief system.

Don’t get hung up on labels.

If “goodness” is the standard one seeks, rather than holding out for a partner with an identical religious pedigree, their options will be broader. It’s said that the mingling of religious traditions can be an asset to a better understanding of faith as a concept. Myriad are the families that celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah, both Advent and Rohatsu and expose their children to a variety of ideas. If you can appreciate decency for its own sake, whatever God you worship surely wouldn’t object to it.

Do good for others and you’ll do good for yourself.

Giving to charities is a noble thing, but you won’t meet others with your sense of gratitude and civic engagement just by writing a check. From the small matter of serving a meal at a shelter to the huge commitment of volunteering with a foreign aid organization, people who do good often earn the extra benefit of forging lifelong relationships with the like minded. Putting your best spiritual self out there for others to see can be the best way to exemplify how God can bring people together. How God Can Bring People Together.


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