How God gave me a new womb after battling endometriosis for years – Lady narrates

A Twitter user @Latoyadeshawn_ has narrated how God gave her a new womb after battling with endometriosis.

She wrote:

“In mid June I had a procedure to confirm if I can carry my own child or not. The doctors kept saying that they were very doubtful. After, the procedure my entire body felt different. I couldn’t explain it. I just knew something had changed when I woke up.

I had my follow up w/my doctor and he started the meeting off by stating. I have never seen this before. But it appears as if you have a New Womb. Like your womb has NEVER been touched (I’ve had over 8 surgeries on my womb due to endometriosis).

He continued on by saying surely you will be able to carry your own child………WITH NO ISSUES!!! He was stumped. His team was in awe. I sat there with tears in my eyes and at that moment God silenced those that spoke against my womb. Those that mocked at me being barren…”

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