How I Destroyed My Sister Relationship With Her Fiancé And She Lost Her Job

Bayo Ajibola

I’m 20 years old and I have a 5 years old daughter , I’m still with her father but we are not living together. I’m still at home with my parents.

My elder sister is a banker she is engaged and her fiancé is a doctor, they were supposed to get married this February 2020. My elder sister Hates my guy a lot just because he is not educated, has no money, he drinks and Smokes but he is a good guy, he doesn’t beat or cheat on me , he gives money for our daughter upkeeps and she goes to school he is paying her school fees but sometime when he doesn’t have my sister will be paying but she will insult the hell out of me that I ruined my life by giving birth at a young age , I should have closed my legs she just says many things that really hurting me sometimes I cried and Whenever she sees my guy she will insulting him threatening to pour him hot water.

So it happened in July , our parents traveled to the village because my dad was very sick so my guy visited me at home and she came and saw him , she got angry and started raining insult at him as usual and I got angry and slapped her which lead to a very serious fight and she arrested me and my fiancé and we came out after 3 days my guy had to sign undertaken that he should not step his foot in our house again.

So he promised to deal with her in a way she will regret and I supported him, so we have decided to destroyed her relationship with her fiancé by arranging lots of boys and girls who are my guys friends to start calling her fiancé and threatening him to leave their girlfriends alone or they will kill him, so we had 7 boys and 2 girls also called him claiming that my sister is dating their husbands so he should warned her or they will do worse. Everything went according to our plans and we have succeed in destroying her relationship that her fiancé dumped her and cancelled the marriage in October.

She hasn’t been well since, she lost her job , she is totally depressed and all she does is crying and she lost so much weigh. I was so happy seeing her like that because she deserved it but I pretend like I care when I didn’t but now I just feel so bad because her condition is getting worsened.

Seeing her going to the hospital today really broke my heart and made me regretting what I and my guy did to her but I don’t know how to help her again. I wish I could talk to her and tell her everything we did and beg for her forgiveness but I’m scared because everybody in the family will hate me, they will disown me and throw me out of the house and I have nowhere else to go with my child. My guy stays with friends in a one room house.

I’m Feeling helpless

Bayo Ajibola

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