How to Change a Man and Shape Him Your Way

Men can have habits and characteristics that are irritating for a woman, even though it may seem natural for them to act in such a way and most times, they do not realize that this is unpleasant.  

Changing someone is not an easy task, as there are characteristics and habits that have been with the person for a long time that makes it difficult to change. 

If you really want to change your partner and shape him the way you exactly want to, you need to be patient and persistent. The tips below will help you to change your partner and have a better relationship. 

1.Learn how to speak

Men donor like women who talk carelessly or are rude. They love women who are organized, polite and take calculated steps. If you want to change your man, you should learn how to speak properly, in a low tone and in a polite manner. 

Men think and interpret everything very differently from women. For this reason, always think carefully about what you are going to say and how you are going to say it so that your partner does not end up misinterpreting and you end up fighting.

Try to understand the possibilities of interpretation of the man when listening to what you say, this can help you to change the words and make him understand the real meaning of the message you want to convey.

Talk to your partner in a way that he understands that regardless of what is said, he is in control, they love to feel like the decision maker, but in fact the women are the ones who make the decisions. There is always a great woman behind a man.

2. Be clear and objective

Always be clear and objective with your partner. They usually do not consciously understand what the woman means between the lines. Say what you would like to change and why, always show logical reasons why the change should occur.

When you show a man what will be best for both of you and that something is such, he will consequently spend a few days thinking about the situation and absorbing what has been said. As a result, a voluntary or even involuntary change may occur on the part of your man. 

3. Do things properly 

This helps greatly when you want to shape your man and have a good relationship with him. Try to do things that please the man. With that they can feel happier and end up giving in to your request, even if in a way they don’t realize at the moment.

You can do things on your own and also suggest what should be done, but do it indirectly, otherwise he may end up thinking that he is only being pleased to be used to achieve something you want. 

Men always try to do something based on logic, so he will think: She pleases me a lot, whenever she can, so it never hurts for me to try to change something or do something to please her too. When he starts to think like that, you can be sure he’s practically in your hands.

4. Encourage

Always encourage him to change, show the benefits of change, if not, show an unpleasant consequence. It is necessary to make your partner see the facts clearly so that there is understanding.

The ideal is to encourage to do better and also making him understand that he will be the highest beneficiary if he changes for good. He will know that everything to be done is for the good of him and not necessarily for others.

5. Reward

Whenever your partner manages to change and does something that pleases you, reward him. Make him happy, it can be a romantic dinner, a spicy night or even simpler things like little notes of love. You may also want to get him a nice perfume or something he has always wanted which you can afford. 

This act will make him always in search of the changes you propose and keep those already acquired. It’s a great way to encourage things to always flow well between you and your partner. The reward may not seem large to you but men are usually very appreciative and he’d always be thankful for the nice things you got or did for him. 

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