How to Cook Efo Elegusi with Assorted Meat

Bayo Ajibola

Egusi soup .i.e. mixed vegetable is cooked with melon seed and prepared by most Nigerian tribes. known as ‘Miyan Gushi” in Hausa language,”Ófe Egusi” in Ibo and “Efo Elegusi” in Yoruba language. Generally, and quite notably, Egusi soup is eaten often by Ijeshas and Ekiti people for its nutritional value and fabulous taste.

To cook a pot of Egusi soup that is tasty and nutritional, you need the following ingredients. they are;


  1. Ground Melon-           3cups
  2. Ground pepper

– tomatoes(7pcs)

– bell pepper(8pcs)

-chilli pepper(25pcs)

  1. Onions-           6pcs
  2. Pumpkin Leaves(Ugwu)-           1bunch
  3. Scent leaves- 10 leaves
  4. Cow meat
  5. Goat meat(any desired protein .e.g. chicken, snail.e.t.c.
  6. Palm oil
  7. Seasoning cubes
  8. Salt
  9. Stock fish
  10. Cameron pepper
  11. Locust beans

Follow our indepth video on directions for cooking mixed vegetable.

Thank you.

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