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How to Deal When Everyone Else Is Pregnant (and You’re Trying to Get Pregnant)

Pregnancy is a very personal thing even though the excitement to share the news with everyone who cares to listen is always very palpable. When you are trying to conceive with no success it becomes a dreary experience.

The whole journey is made worse when all those that are close to you have fallen miraculously pregnant and you are left all alone in the ‘trying to conceive’ bracket. It may even feel like all of a sudden everyone you see is pregnant. You see pregnant women and cute little babies everywhere you go.

This can be very frustrating especially if the pregnant ones are people you can’t really keep away from such as close friends and family. It is very easy to get into a depression in such a situation because you may feel some pressure from their being pregnant. How you handle such a situation will influence whether you keep your friends and your sanity.

Make a conscious effort to think positively

Positive thoughts attract positive energy which goes a long way in helping you conceive. Negative thoughts will also show very easily on your face and you may end up slowly sinking into depression without your knowledge.

You may have good friends and family but constantly looking dreary may sap the energy from those around you which may see them staying away from you. You need all the friends you can have so try and be happy for the pregnant ones.

Be careful what you say

As a man thinks so is he- a truth that many don’t see. It is said that a man speaks out of the abundance of his heart. What fills your mind will inevitably come out in form of speech. Filling your heart and mind with positive and happy thoughts will indeed help with this.

Talk to your partner

This is a very trying time. Your partner needs to know how you feel and how it is affecting you so that you have his emotional support. It becomes much easier to share a burden with someone who understands you and offers no judgment. This gives you a chance to get it out and deal with it faster.

Even with the emotional distress that such a situation can cause remember to continue trying for that baby. Everything happens in its time so keep hope alive and pray fervently.

Bayo Ajibola

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