How to Deal with a Heartbreak

Heartbreak is the anguish that is perceived when a relationship ends, either because there was a breakup or if you have been rejected by the one you love. 

According to a study, heartbreak can have a psychological impact similar to that perceived in the phases of mourning for the death of a loved one. This happens because on many occasions, going from love to heartbreak is an end to the relationship between the two people.

Everyone experiences and handles love and heartbreak in different ways. Therefore, there is no guarantee that there is a specific method to overcome all the symptoms of heartbreak. Even so, there are some tips that you can take that can help you try to better cope with this state of heartbreak.

1. Acknowledge your feelings

The moment a person has been rejected, it is very likely that his ego suffers. The normal thing in these cases of heartbreak is that people do not recognize their true feelings about it. Therefore, it is important to try to recognize what you are feeling in these moments. If your heart is broken, you must face the anguish to be able to overcome the lack of love and the feelings that this entails.

2. Write it down

If during this state of heartbreak you are not ready to speak, it is important that you try to put your thoughts and feelings on paper. Writing down the emotions or ideas that pass in our mind is important to be able to deal with all the sensations that arise in these moments.

3. Think logically

On many occasions, people who go from love to heartbreak tend to assume that it is their fault. The reality is that if someone does not know how to value you, it is much better to leave them aside. For this reason, before letting yourself be guided by emotions and feelings, try to think logically. 

4. Show compassion for yourself

In many cases, bad words or feelings of rejection can arise due to the negativity that all the symptoms of heartbreak represent. To try to counteract this, you need to try to perceive yourself as your best friend. In this way, you will not say negative phrases or words since you would never use them on someone you love.

5. Use zero contact

During the phases of heartbreak, people believe that they are capable of continuing to interact with their ex-partners or ex-loved ones, and that is a serious mistake. To be able to leave behind all the contradictory feelings that arise from going from love to heartbreak, it is important to stop contacting that person, at least while these emotions are fresh.

6. Work on you

The best thing you can do to overcome a heartbreak is to proactively start working within yourself. It is a good time to leave all excuses behind and start turning to what you want to improve in yourself as well as in your hobbies. Start by growing your self esteem, security and visualize what you really want in your life.

7. Surround yourself with positivity

Keep a positive mind, it is the best thing you can do when experiencing a heartbreak. For this reason, you should try to encourage yourself with positive messages instead of paying attention to those thoughts that push you back. The key is to surround yourself with people who are also like that to be able to achieve it.

On many occasions we do not realize that in order to enjoy the company of others, we must first know how to be with ourselves. If you think that you are not capable of assuming or overcoming a heartbreak, it is necessary that you go to a mental health professional. Although suffering a heartbreak can be difficult, the reality is that this teaches us a life lesson that we must always keep in mind: Your best company will always be yourself.  

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