Anxiety about Giving Birth And How to Deal With it.

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Anxiety about Giving Birth. When you are expectant you probably can’t wait to see your baby. You’ve walked a long journey and felt them grow and kick inside of you and the thought of actually seeing that life grow into a person can be very exciting.

Anxiety about Giving Birth

You could also be scared about what will happen though. Some are worried about the intensity of the pain while some are worried about something going wrong during delivery. It is very okay to get a little anxious, especially with the horror stories you might have heard from different women.

It can get a little more serious as you draw closer to your due date but it is important to note that one in four pregnant women get anxious about delivery. Thankfully, it is something that can be dealt with so as to keep you well prepared for your big moment.

Talk to your health practitioner

It is often said that a problem shared is a problem solved. Your health practitioner knows the ins and outs of this process so talking to them will not only bring you relief but will also equip you on how to deal with it. It will reduce your fear of giving birth and put you in a better place.

A recent study that was published in Birth looked at 198 pregnant women to find out the effect of counselling. During the study, a midwife held two phone sessions with pregnant women. She handled their expectations and helped them work through any distressing elements of childbirth. Results showed that after the counselling session, 75% of them were more confident about delivery. 50 percent were less scared of giving birth as compared to before counselling.Anxiety about Giving Birth

Talking to other pregnant women could also make you feel better because they understand what you are going through. The hope is that in your interactions you will find news of encouragement and not information that will scare you some more.

Attend antenatal classes faithfully

Most people start out pregnancy with some kind of excitement and are keen on attending antenatal classes. Something happens along the way and the energy reduces and classes seem a little tedious. Classes actually provide you with the perfect environment to learn and interact.

You will learn proper techniques from trained health professionals and this leaves you better prepared. A study of 616 women published in Nursing Research found that 90 percent of those women that attended antenatal classes practiced pushing, relaxation techniques and breathing techniques during these classes. They also had broad discussions on labour and delivery.

The midwife asked them about their anxiety when they went into labour. Those that had attended the classes turned out less anxious than those who hadn’t.

Seeing that it is a class with many different participants, the women also got to interact with each other and swap stories and experiences.

Antenatal classes are offered in hospitals and all you need do is ask. You will be guided to the right place and this could change your delivery story.

Try some yoga

A recent English study found that antenatal yoga actually helps in stress and anxiety relief. The research involved 51 pregnant women all in their second or early third trimester. A little more than half took an eight-week yoga course specifically to reduce anxiety.

After just one session, researchers found that the women’s cortisol (a stress hormone) levels were lower than those who hadn’t taken the class. Those that completed the course reported feeling less anxious about delivery.

The study was based on hatha yoga, a mild form of yoga. They were taught breathing techniques, postures to relieve aches and exercises to improve hip flexibility and help positioning of the baby. If you plan to engage in prenatal yoga, be sure to go to a trained professional and to practice a mild form that will not pose any harm to you or the baby.

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Bayo Ajibola

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