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How To Determine Your Parenting Style

Even before you become a parent, you often wonder what type of parent you’ll be. Will you be a laid-back mom or maybe a strict dad? Whatever it is, you’d be surprised at how many parents actually practice a blend of different parenting styles, because in the end, everybody ends up going with what works for their individual children and lifestyle.

No mater how hard you try to define yourself as a parent when your first child arrives, you often end up figuring your own personal parenting style as you evolve into a seasoned mom or dad. It really comes down to a lot of trial and error those first couple of years as you get used to the idea of having to care for another human being.

If you’re expecting your first bundle of joy, here are some helpful tips on how to figure out your parenting style:

  1. Write down your goals as a parent

As you wonder what type of parent you’ll want to be after the baby arrives, jot down some notes and goals you’d like to achieve in your parenting journey. This will help you figure out what parenting style you’d like to take on when the baby arrives. Maybe you grew up in a very strict household, so being more lenient is of importance to you? Or the total opposite – you grew up in a house with no real rules and want to provide a sense of structure for your little one. Whatever the case may be, taking some notes on what the type of parent you’d like to ultimately become will help you set your parenting goals.

  1. Never really define your parenting style

After you make your list, don’t be stuck on just being a strict or lenient parent because if you do, it might be more difficult later on when you need to readjust your parenting style. Just know that you have certain goals with your parenting style and let it be. Try to stick to your theorized parenting style as much as possible, but know that there will be times when you’ll have to adjust to reflect the needs of your child(ren). By not defining your parenting style, you’ll be able to adapt to change better. So remaining flexible is what parenting is all about in the end.

  1. Parenting styles may vary for each child

If you plan on having more than one child, know that what worked for one child, might not work for the next one. All children are different, so if you’re first hardly needed rules, your second one might be a bit more stubborn and need more discipline, so your laid-back parenting style might have to become stricter.

As you await your first child, know that despite wanting to be a strict or lenient parent, you should always put the needs of your child first, so being flexible is of utmost importance in the end.

Bayo Ajibola

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