HOW TO ENLARGE YOUR PENIS NATURALLY. The kinds of food that you consume are important for your sexual health as a man. From the strength of your erection to the movement of your sperm, what you eat can positively or negatively affect your “little big guy” down there.

Research has shown that some specific nutrients, from the vitamins that are commonly known to the plant extracts that you might be aware of, have exhibited very positive effects on some aspects of the performance of your penis.

So now you might wonder how foods can naturally increase the size of your penis. Look no further, here we have compiled a list of interesting foods that have been proven to enlarge your penis naturally.


Even though bananas look like penises, this isn’t why they are good for your penis. LOL.

We all know that bananas are generally good for your health, from improving your digestive system to helping you maintain a healthy weight but there is something else this that this yellow fruit is known for which is beneficial for men.

Bananas contain Vitamin A, B, C as well as minerals like potassium, folate, magnesium, and manganese which means that when you regularly eat bananas, it improves the flow of blood to your penis, regulates your blood pressure and helps to control the levels of cholesterol in your body.

But that’s not all; the components of bananas are able to revitalize the muscles of your penis making it larger and improve your testosterone level which also prolongs your penis’ hard erection. This means it also has the possibility of helping with erectile dysfunction.

To get the most benefit out of bananas, eat two bananas each day. It will ensure that you have both general good health and a larger penis.


This delicious fruit is very popular in Nigeria even though it’s not available all year round. They are rich in so many nutrients that work from softening your skin to improving your eye health and even boosting your immune system such that many doctors recommend their consumption.

But when it comes to your penis, mango is a great source of Vitamin E which greatly affects the appearance and health of your penis.


This unique seafood can be found in many coastal cities in Nigeria as well as some highbrow restaurants. Oysters have long been known for their aphrodisiac tendencies and consuming some has been known to give the intimate areas a good boost.

Some research has shown that the high amino acid content of oysters help to trigger rising levels of your sex hormones. What this means is that eating oysters are beneficial for both your libido and giving you stronger erections.

Another component of oysters which is found in many penis enhancement and enlargement supplements for its potential enlargement function is the mineral Zinc.

Now there’s another reason to go fancy and get you some oysters.


Yes, the smell is tears inducing and downright terrible but these bulbs have a function that isn’t commonly known to men. And that is its ability to enlarge your penis. However, we aren’t referring to the onion you’ve cut up to garnish your meals with, because many of its benefits are lost when it is cooked.

What onions really do for men is that they enhance blood flow to your penis. One other function of onions is how they increase your testosterone levels which lead to a larger penis.

The best way to consume this food in order to get the sexual benefits you need is to eat in raw. You are probably squeezing your face now but there’s a way out. You can also use it as part of your salad or make a juice out of it and mix that with honey.

Just consuming one onion per day is enough to begin the process of enlargement for you. Interesting right?



Speaking of interesting foods, honey tops the list of foods you wouldn’t have thought could increase the size of your penis. For any man that wants to have a hard erection and make his penis bigger, you must consider eating honey every day.

Honey is produced by bees and has many uses as a food supplement from being an energy booster to improving your eyesight, helping you lose weight and boosting your immune system.

Bottom line, honey increases your testosterone levels which directly impacts the quality of your erection and promotes enlargement.


Nuts are generally good for your health by virtue of their cholesterol-lowering, blood clot reducing and heart disease prevention properties not to mention they are high in Omega 3, fiber, unsaturated fats, and Vitamin E.

But in terms of what they can do for your penis, nuts improve the blood flow to your penis and help to strengthen the muscles of your penis, making them firmer and bigger.

So include nuts in your diet as a daily snack and your “third leg” will be all the greater for it. HOW TO ENLARGE YOUR PENIS NATURALLY.


These big hydrating fruits are rich in a substance called L-Citrulline which has been reported to boost blood flow to the penis, which makes it easy to deduce that it has great potential for improving the health of your penis.

A good daily consumption of watermelons and routine exercise for your penis will ensure that your penis comes out bigger and longer.

To get the best results from all these foods, some simple life hacks make you look bigger in bed.

They include trimming your pubic hair – the mound of hair surrounding your penis usually makes it look smaller than it actually is; losing weight ensures that the beer belly that normally hangs over your penis would no longer make your penis look smaller and last but not least, getting fit – this might not directly translate to an enlarged penis but being in shape makes you feel more attractive and can also improve your sex life.


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