How to guard your heart from extramarital affairs

Bayo Ajibola
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How to guard your heart from extramarital affairs. An affair is a very devastating experience for the spouse that has been betrayed. It is said to be one of the most painful experiences that any person could ever endure, no matter how strong the person is or appears to be strong. Most people that have been betrayed say they cannot think of another tragedy that could be worse for them than the affair.

Extra marital affairs have far reaching implications. This is because, the affair is not only painful to the aggrieved spouse but it is also painful to their children, the extended family members and the unfaithful spouse is also hurt by the experience.

It is a sad reality that a big percentage of marriages experience the tragedy of infidelity. On the contrary, the good news is there is still another percentage of marriages that escape this tragedy. Question is, how do they escape? And what can you do to escape this tragedy?

It is important to note that spouses who don’t fall into the pit of infidelity don’t simply use willpower to avoid affairs. They consistently take measures that are necessary to guard their marriage from the threat of affairs. It makes a lot of sense to take whatever precautions are necessary to avoid and turn away what many term as life’s worst experience.

Here is what you can do to guard your heart against affairs.

  1. Understand how affairs usually begin.

It is said that to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Most affairs happen with people that are close to you.  Friends and colleagues are the most likely people to tempt you into having an affair. Reason being, they are best placed to meet your most intimate emotional needs as opposed to people far away from you.

It is therefore important to limit your most intimate conversation to your spouse. Let your spouse be the person with whom to share your deepest thoughts and feelings. Do not share any dissatisfaction you may be having in your marriage with persons of the opposite sex.

Knowing this will help you not to be naïve and let your guard down in your relationships with those close to you.

  1. Keep the fire of your romance burning.

There is no emotion more powerful than romantic love. Couples become more vulnerable to affairs when the romantic relationship that motivated them to marry comes to an end. Several things would help keep the fire of romance lit. They include kissing, cuddling, developing common hobby interests, spending quality time together; make this deliberate by having date nights, going for vacations and so forth. As much as is possible, try and ensure that there is no dull moment between you and your spouse in your marriage.

  1. Meet each other’s emotional needs.

Research has shown that Women have affairs usually because they need more affection and intimate conversations from their husbands. It also shows that men have affairs because they need more sexual fulfillment and recreational companionship from their wives. When these needs are not met by their spouses, they breed a recipe for an affair.  When they come across someone who meets those needs outside of marriage, that person becomes irresistible and affairs begin. If you fail to meet all of your spouse’s emotional needs, it is highly likely that someone else will meet those you don’t.

Let your most enjoyable leisure or recreational activities be those that you share with your husband or wife. Make your spouse your favorite recreational companion and as much as is possible, avoid recreational activities with persons of the opposite sex (outside of your family).

  1. Be honest about your feelings.

Honesty helps a couple end a potential affair before it gets too far. It is highly advisable for people who find themselves falling in love with someone else other than their spouse to open up and tell their spouse everything. This is the path that leads one away from an affair.

After one spouse is open about their feelings for someone else, the other spouse should cooperate in rebuilding their romantic relationship. If they are unwilling to rebuild their relationship, it encourages the affair rather than bring it to an end. But at the very least, honesty will always give the other spouse a clear choice at a time when an affair has not yet taken place.

The above precautions can help guard your heart from extramarital affairs.

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