How to handle Marital Crisis after Childbirth

The birth of a baby brings new balances, and requires some effort. When a child is born, everything changes for a couple, and immense happiness can even be combined with the waste of a couple’s life. The important thing is to learn to maintain a balance without sacrificing any of the multiple roles that a man and a woman play within a relationship. You can be good parents without ceasing to be excellent lovers  to yourselves.

  1. Keep communicating

Communication is essential within a couple, even when time seems to be predominantly absorbed by commitments for the children. Always find out what your partner needs, what makes them happy, what their expectations are and what their disappointments are. Never give up on dialogue and, if necessary, on mutual help.

2. Don’t overdo it with goodness

Children, especially in the first years of life, inspire infinite goodness. But don’t overdo it. Do not question a baby’s right to be discontented, and likewise accept your feelings even when they are negative.

3. Talk about education

It is good to do it from the beginning. Everyone can have their own idea on raising children, but it is good that they are the subject of very open discussion. Moreover, it is also a good compromise not to both play the same role. If a father is more severe, the mother will be more tolerant and vice versa.

4. Always protect children. 

Do not involve them in your small and large domestic discussions. Nor do you dream of asking them to take sides. These are unfair practices that unfortunately parents tend to apply, especially in times of high family tension. Making their children suffer a lot.

5. Do not neglect the bond with those around you. 

The birth of a child must not alter the level of attention towards your partner. However, continue to put it in the first place of your attention snd don’t give up on the game of seduction and complicity. Share movies and fun evenings with friends, be affectionate and even exchange erotic text messages, surprise each other with sudden gifts. 

6. Be responsible

If there is a problem, if clouds gather on the horizon of life, do not try to unload everything, starting from the faults, on others. The partner or, worse, the child. Take your responsibilities and fight the battle of life head-on.

7. Love remains essential

It may seem trivial, but it is an essential key in the life of a couple. Woe to extinguish the flame of love, you risk being reduced to two friends who live together. And love also means renunciations and courtships, passion and romance.

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