How To Host A Virtual Dinner Party in 2020

Bayo Ajibola

Since social distancing is the new norm, how do you connect with your loved ones and family? With technology, catching up has never been easier, as long as you have a smartphone/computer and a strong internet connection. Hosting a virtual dinner party can be a very fun way to adapt to the times without missing out on creating new memories. Your virtual party should aim to make everyone happy to be in each other’s presence once more. 

How do you make plans for it? It’s as simple as making a video call and eating dinner. But to make the experience worthwhile for everyone, you have to put some things in place. Although you are not stepping outside, you have to make sure everything looks super. Some things to look over are the food menu, dress code, table setting, and other preparations that everyone has to make.

  1. Create the party’s guest list

Well, you have to decide on the number of people you would like to host. Keep your guests small so it can be a lot easier. It would be best if you invite less than 10 people. A virtual dinner party could be for your family, friends, or colleagues. However, you should only invite a group of people who know each other well. This means that your virtual party can be for family, friends, work colleagues, or business partners. 

The people you invite determines the meals and drinks that you settle for. Family members might want to include their kids so there may be no alcoholic drinks involved. Also, they may prefer to cook their meals at home rather than order a pizza or some fast food. You can make a virtual dinner party in celebration of someone’s birthday, a newborn, a graduation or just to reconnect with them. 

  1. Send invitations and checklists

You need to select the most convenient date and time for everyone. You might ask everyone to check their schedules before fixing a date. Everyone certainly has some stuff to attend to at home so the party has to occur during their leisure time. You can send invitations as emails or text messages a week earlier so your guests can prepare for the virtual dinner party. 

It’s also important to share a checklist with your friends or family prior to the virtual event. Concerning dinner, you can send a dress code, meals to prepare, and preferred drinks. A checklist helps you ensure that your guests put everything in place. A day to the virtual party, you may choose to remind everyone about the start time. It would also be nice to remind them to ready their wifi and gadgets. 

  1. Choose a convenient platform

A good video conferencing app will enable you to host your virtual dinner party. Some of your guests might suggest which platform to use. But you still have to make your own research. A simple Google search can help you find the best video app to use. If you know anyone who has previously hosted a virtual party, you can seek advice from them. The chosen video conferencing app should be able to accommodate all your guests and not crash halfway through. 

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been more solutions to help people connect despite the distance barrier. So you will be able to find good video conferencing platforms to help make your virtual dinner party a success. Some good video apps are Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger Rooms, and more. But you should ensure that the video platform you choose would be convenient for everyone. 

  1. Spice it up with fun activities

Instead of a plain virtual dinner party, you can include some fun activities especially if you are hosting your friends. It could turn out to be a virtual game and dinner night. If you are hosting a virtual dinner party to catch up with friends, some video games might make it more interesting. Someone could volunteer to be the DJ and play some music that everyone can vibe to. Even discussions can be a very fun experience too.

Everyone can talk about what’s going on with and around them. There’s always something to talk about when everybody is happy together. Sometimes, keeping each other’s company is a great mood booster. Your virtual dinner party can involve meals, conversations, photo albums, and dancing. It could even become a virtual dinner movie night in which your family or friends eat dinner then watch movies. An app like Netflix Party allows people across borders to stream the same movies at the same time.

  1. Host your virtual dinner party!

After all the party plans you have made, the next thing is to do it. Host the virtual party and create a unique experience for all your guests. It will bring back the nostalgia for the good old days when everyone was still together. Most of all, they will be grateful to you for making it possible to connect with each other again. It doesn’t matter if you don’t make everything perfect. The fact still remains that you made efforts to bring everyone together. The aim of the virtual dinner party is to create sweet, happy memories for all your invites rather than seek ultimate perfection. 

On the scheduled date of the virtual party, get dressed, set the table, and turn on your camera. If it is your first time hosting a virtual party, you don’t need to be nervous about anything. Be calm, let everything go as planned, and let your guests enjoy themselves. If there’s anyone who couldn’t join the party due to some reasons, don’t take it to heart. The person may not be able to attend now but might be available next time. At the end of the party, thank everyone for honoring your invite and attending your virtual dinner party. It has never been easier to connect with your family and friends despite the distance. Happy Virtual Partying!

Bayo Ajibola

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