How to identify woman faking her love – Actress Amma Serwaa advises men

Ghanaian actress, Amma Serwaa has revealed certain keys on how men to identify a woman who is faking her love for them.

During a discussion on ‘In Bed with Adwen Show’ hosted by Adwen the Love Doctor, on Ghana, Amma Serwaa pointed to the fact that that women are very good when it comes to faking their affection for a man and it will be very hard for a man to determine that the love or affection being exhibited toward him is genuine or fake.

According to Amma Serwaa who is also a fashion designer, a woman who does not truly love you will not discuss her future with you because she does not see you in her future.

“If a woman decides to pretend to love you and you’re not careful as a man, you might fall for her deceit because they are so good at pretending.”

“a woman pretending to love you does not talk about her future with you because she does not see you in it.

“The last thing you do irritates her hence, you can try and do everything you think will please her but she will never see it as such.

“A lady who doesn’t love you may not even kiss you while you’re having sex together,” she added.

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