How to Improve Sex in Couples

It is very common that after the first phase of falling in love, one gets used to the other and passion begins to decline in couples. Many people wonder if this is normal, and it is. It is something that all couples go through to a greater or lesser extent. If, over the years, one does not innovate and looks for ways to stimulate the couple in all areas, there may be more and more distance and the relationship is affected. Sexual satisfaction is something complex that must be cultivated and that depends on many factors.

On the one hand, it is important to make an evaluation of how the couple is currently in sexual relations. Are there preliminaries or is it reduced to intercourse? Is oral sex practiced? Does each of the members continue to explore and enrich their sexuality alone? Are sexual fantasies shared? Is there the same desire on the part of both members? These questions are important to realize what sexual communication is like. 

Some techniques to enjoy the sexuality of the couple are:

1. Rekindle the seduction

It is very common that after a while, couples stop seducing each other and sex becomes something mechanical, like something that is done simply to meet a need. It is advisable to bring out all our creativity and awaken our arts of seduction. In this all the senses come into play: sight, you can dress or move in such a way that the other person turns out erotic.

On the other hand, smell is a powerful sense in sexuality. It is involved in the attraction we feel for other people. The ear is a powerful sense too, both music and a few words in the ear can awaken our partner’s sex drive. Last, and most important, touch. Don’t be afraid to be original and enjoy the different textures and temperatures of your body.

2. Awaken your sexual desire

To reactivate sexual desire, there is no way to use fantasies for it. Fantasy is something that everyone has and it is healthy in human sexuality. They can be of many types, for some people they are presented as erotic images, for others it can be a story told in detail in their mind.

They are a positive thing, even when they include people other than the current partner. Do not confuse sexual fantasies with infidelities, because they do not always represent real desires, it is simply what its name indicates, a fantasy. The fantasies are individual, in each member of the couple, and on other occasions they can also be shared.

3. Improve sexual communication

To get out of the ordinary. The intercourse and the sexual routine that each couple has, different techniques can be implemented that will awaken the spark of sexuality again. The pleasuring technique consists of several phases in which intercourse and contact with the genitals are initially eliminated. It consists of massaging the body in an erotic way and noticing how both members of the couple get excited. 

4. Have fun with him or her

Although having fun does not seem at first glance to be related to passion and sex, the reality is that by playing and entertaining with the couple, people can end up fanning the flame of love and passion. Oddly enough to regain passion, having fun with your partner is another of the most infallible methods. To do this, prepare new plans and keep things exciting coming out of your comfort zone.

5. Give more caresses

Touch is one of the most effective ways to try to rekindle passion and sex in a partner. For this you should not look for any excuse to caress your partner, simply propose to do it more and you will see all the positive effects that this small action will have within your relationship. 

These are some of the techniques that are useful to improve passion in couples. However, it is important to be creative and unleash the ideas that come to mind and share them with the couple.

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