How to Improve Sexual Relationship in Marriage

Sex is very important in a relationship. The complicity and intimacy that are generated during sexual relations within the couple are essential to enjoy a healthy and full union. In general terms, sex is an important element within the couple. 

However, it is not uncommon to see long-term relationships, and even a few years, in which sexual relations are sporadic or practically non-existent. This situation, especially if the desire of both parties is different, can become a serious problem, to the point of permanently compromising the relationship.

Lack of sex in a relationship may be caused by so many reasons such as, relationship problems or misunderstanding, health problems, asexuality, sexual trauma

What happens when a couple does not have sexual relationships?

There are a number of relationship effects due to lack of sex. In most cases, a low sexual frequency can lead to the following effects. 

Feelings of loneliness

Feelings of loneliness can be linked to a sexless partner. When lack of sex diminishes our bond a lot, this can lead to one of the two, or the couple, feeling lonely despite the relationship. 

Pressure before sex

When couples without sex want to remedy this situation, on many occasions they try to pressure themselves to have that encounter with their lover. This causes more sexual apathy to be created and even influences that there is more lack of sex in the relationship. 

Less connection 

Sex with your partner helps you feel more connected to her. In this way, a loveless marriage or a sexless relationship can destroy the bond due to the lack of these encounters.

Lack of communication

When sex in couples is very rare, you see that this also influences the decrease in communication. In some cases, the effects of intimate partners not enjoying sex are precisely cancer for the relationship. Therefore, it is advisable to try to treat it with a couple psychologist. 

Why is sex important in a relationship?

This issue is not only physical, but it serves to unite the couple, to create a feeling of intimacy and trust between them, to feel accepted. The absence of sex is complicated when, within the couple, one of the two has asexual desire and unable to convey his frustration. 

How to encourage sex in the couple?

To try to solve this situation, it is vital that you work on the relationship and on yourself. Therefore, you can follow the tips below.

1. Talk to your partner

Communication is one of the main bases in any relationship. Therefore, we must talk about the lack of sexuality in the couple with our lover and try to jointly investigate this problem. 

2. Analyze the obstacles

Instead of you living without sex, a good initiative is to investigate the obstacle that entails that you cannot enjoy sex with your partner. Discussing it with your lover will undoubtedly be an effective way of trying to identify what leads you to be a couple without sexual relationships. 

3. Open your mind

Sometimes the routine in couple sex can be the cause of the problems that make you not enjoy this time of intimacy so much. In this way, a good way to approach sex in the couple is precisely by trying to innovate in it. Learn about new sex styles or play with your partner, this may revitalize your sex life. 

4. Give it more priority

If the lack of sexuality in your partner is a problem for you, start by focusing on solving it. Therefore, you should try to have more time to enjoy it and give more importance to sex in the relationship. 

5. Plan special occasions

The romanticism can also rekindle life and sex in the couple. Therefore, to stop being a couple without sexual relationships, perhaps you require more special moments between the two of you.  

The lack of sex in the couple can be a problem or you can just point out that something is wrong with you or in your life. It is your decision to take action on this matter so that love triumphs again.

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