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How to Keep Your Child Safe from the Danger of Drowning

Kids are always curious and they would definitely want to explore every part of the house including the garden and yard. It is important that you empty any water that accumulates near your home. The reality is that kids can literally drown in an inch of water. Ensure that you empty containers and buckets after using them, and store them in places where children have no access to.

Back yard pools are basically the most dangerous of all. You can prevent your kid from going to the back yard pool by buildinga four foot high fence. The fence should have a gate that is self closing and self latching. The latch should be placed high such that the kid cannot reach it.

A water safety professional would recommend that you use entrapment drain covers and pump shut off devices. You should also consider using a pool alarm, especially for kids who are hard to control. There are cases where you can no longer control the kids-it`s just inevitable. This could be because you are always busy at work or you just want to give your kid some freedom to enjoy nature.

You can consider enrolling your kid at a swimming school. Research has shown that it`s less likely for a child as young as 1 year to drown so long as he or she has mastered the art of swimming. Although no child would want to swim at this age, it is important that you prepare your child by exposing him or her to water.

The emotional and physical readiness is very important before enrolling your kid at any swimming school. You should also be your own child`s life guard. This is very important and it means that you have to create time for such sessions. Whether you are taking your kid to a swimming pool, beach, or lake, ensure that you watch him or her closely. If you are going as a group, you could take turns.

You could watch him or her for twenty minutes and your partner will do the same. If you decide to take you kid on the beach orswimming pool alone, ensure that you keep eyes on the kid all the time. Even if there would be a lifeguard, ensure that you keep off magazines or other things that will distract you. You can also consider attending classes to be certified in first aid.

Ensure that your kid is always wearing a life jacket. This is particularly important to kids who cannot swim. Wearing the right life jacket has been proven to be the safest gear anyone can use. Unlike blow-up tubes and water rings, life jackets will keep you upright and safe.

You should also ensure that you choose the right life jacket- that has been approved and fits your kid. Use safety tattoos to identify your kids when you take them to a crowded place. Ensure that you kid is dressed in a distinctive way to make it easy to identify him or her. This is so because kids have a tendency to follow other people, especially when they find they have something that interests them. Before taking your kid to a beach, you can use a temporary tattoo on your kid`s arm or hands. The tattoo could be your number.

Keeping your kid safe is very important and although it may be tough with some kids, trying your level best is the best you can do. This may include taking classes to learn how you can keep your kid safe, especially from dangers of drowning

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