How to know if God sent you someone.

Bayo Ajibola

The bible says that signs and wonders shall follow them that believe and if you do believe that God has someone in store for you then it is about time that you know the signs of this wonderful person.           

They have not departed from the word of God

Someone sent of God speaks the word of God therefore listen very carefully to the words that this person is speaking. Are they wisdom or foolishness? You should also ensure that you have good knowledge of the word.  Someone who is full of the word will sing it like a lyric in a song and when they go off key, you will easily know it. We definitely know that God speaks of love, patience, compassion, truthfulness and kindness and if they do not speak any of these then they are definitely not from your Father.

They are Good Company

The word of God says that bad company will corrupt good character and God cannot send you a partner who will destroy your good character, attitude , habits or anything else. You should therefore ask yourself if the person you are seeing is inspiring you to become a better person or are they dragging you away from the light into the darkness?

What you see is what you get

Words without action are futile and therefore the kind of person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with should simply mean what they say.  They should practice what they speak and they should not be pretending.  You will catch them if they are because you can fool one person at a time but not everybody at the same time.

Honour and Respect are Paramount

A man who fails to honour you when you are courting will definitely fail to love you when you are married.  A woman who fails to respect you when you are dating will have problems when it comes to submission. Everyone should give each other due honour. Everyone should respect each other. It is a two way traffic and if they are from your Father they will give it to you and you should give it back to them.

They make Sacrifices

Your heavenly Father loved the world so much that He gave His only begotten son. Someone who is ordained for your life is someone who truly loves you and is willing to make sacrifices for you.  It’s not a must they do big things because little things do count.  Look at the details. What are they willing to sacrifice for you or for your relationship? Are they able to sacrifice their time or their material possessions or any other important stuff just to ensure the two of you make it?

There is Grace and Forgiveness

Receiving a gift we did not deserve is called grace and grace is different from blessing because we receive blessings after working for them. A person who loves you will still love you even in your shortcomings.  They will be generous and kind even in your worst days, they will still treat you as though you’re in your best days. They will not hold a grudge against you they will also forgive you. if there’s a problem in the forgiveness department then you can be sure this person was not sent by God.

Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Never ever walk into a serious relationship with someone who has not shown or developed the fruits of the Holy Spirit. This is because the fruits of the Holy Spirit are a sign of maturity and when one manifests them then you can truly trust that they are able to take the responsibility of marriage seriously.

They should have peace

A person who is quarrelsome or who always picks up a fight is a dangerous person. Peace is a beautiful thing. Peace is needed in marriage and Christ said that His peace He left with us and so if this person is not experiencing peace in their life kindly let them be.

They should be patient

Have the two of you ever gone for a date and you came late.  How did they react in fact did you even find them there? Patience is closely related to temper and if someone does not have patience then you can be sure that they have a short temper and they are easily irritated plus they are always complaining.  Someone who can endure challenges and does not easily give up is the kind of attitude required in a spouse.  Check them and check again because if patience is absent then fighting will be present.

They have self control

Self-control is a matter of self-discipline therefore you’ll need to check their behaviour. A person with self control has self-disciplined their feelings and their body. They will not push you into sexual immorality or other issues like gambling, smoking or even leaving work before telling your boss. Self-control also means they have control over their temper and it will not go over the roof. They know when to speak and when to listen.

They are humble

Being meek does not mean that you are weak instead humility is the ability to go down for the sake of another person.  It is closely related to sacrifice. humble means they can sit down and listen to you and take your advice and avoid wrong decisions. They can overcome their pride so that they can see you happy.

No one on this earth is perfect. Every person has something that they are working on. If you desire to marry the person that God ordained for you then it is important for you above all things to spend plenty of time in your prayer closet. The points mentioned above are all about wisdom and common sense but at the end of the day there is a voice that will tell you this is the way go in it and the only way you will be able to know if the person you are with was sent of God is when you hear  God after applying wisdom and common sense.

Bayo Ajibola

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