How to Know if the Time is Right for Marriage

The dream of marriage is part of the imagination of many men and women. During a serious relationship, it is common that the idea of ​​really getting together forever starts to emerge. But how do you know if the time is right for a wedding? Is the couple ready?

Certain factors need to be taken into account in this decision such as savings, work, home and lifestyle. Marriage is a magical moment. Family and friends gathered, party, food, music and lots of joy. While all these things are great what matters the most is what happens after the wedding. 

Each of us has our own personality and habits, and living with another person on a daily basis, who also has their own characteristics, can generate some conflicts. Are you ready to take that next step? Before you do, it is necessary that the couple talk a lot and be honest about the expectations of the relationship and plans for life .

5 things to consider before marriage

1. What are your priorities in life?

Many people have very concrete plans for their life. Have you told your partner about those plans? Some priorities need to be divided in order not to generate conflicts in the future.

For example, do you both want to have children? Is there a desire to live outside the country? What are your professional plans? It is extremely important that the couple have the same priorities and wishes for the rest of the years.

2. Financial stability

Finance is one of the major things that couples need to talk about extensively. Have you already calculated how much you would spend per month living together? This account includes rent, electricity bill, water, internet plan, cell phone plans, extra expenses (club, gym and other activities), supermarket and taxes.

Having an idea of ​​that budget helps you know if your plans can be realized. It is interesting that both partners have already acquired financial independence and have a stable career to contribute to household expenses and not burden anyone.

3. Where to live

If the idea of ​​waking up every day together sounds very good but have you thought about where it would happen? As the saying goes, men always want to have their own residence. Does anyone already own a property? If so, it is already a good way.

Otherwise, you can evaluate what is the best solution, such as renting a property, buying a house or entering into a financing together. It is also interesting to talk about the type of property that both imagine themselves living in. House or apartment? In what neighbourhood? Old and spacious or new and tighter?

4. Are you ready to give up your old life?

Are you ready to say goodbye to the old routine? The freedom of single life will no longer exist, individual privacy will decrease, you will move away from your parents, you will be part of a new family which may have very different customs and you will have to bear new responsibilities.

Think about it and evaluate if you feel ready to become “us” instead of “me”. You will be giving up a lot of things when you decide to get married and giving up your old life is one of the things most individuals find difficult to do. 

5. Do you love your partner? 

The place of love in a relationship can not be overemphasized. When we meet the right person, we usually know that we want to spend the rest of our lives with such person. Do you imagine yourself with your partner for many years? Taking advantage of the qualities and putting up with the flaws?

A lasting relationship requires trust, friendship,  understanding and, above all, a desire to make it work. If you love your partner and you are certain that they love you in return and respect you, then you can go ahead and marry them. 

Carefully considering these factors and providing an adequate answer to the questions attached will help you to know if the time is right for marriage. Take your time and don’t rush things. Have an open conversation with your partner and understand what will work for you both. 

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