How to Know the Right Time to End a Relationship

Loving someone does not always mean “a happy ending”. Ending the relationship is never an easy situation, it affects both parties regardless of who made the decision. The reasons can be the most varied, from infidelity, constant fights, jealousy,  among others.

Often, we remain in an unhappy relationship, simply because we are accommodated. Love sometimes brings pain and suffering to people and therein lies the danger. Many people develop an emotional deficiency or associate suffering with pleasure.

It is at this time that you should stop and take a deep breath, be honest with yourself and assess whether the time has come to end the relationship. Admitting that you cannot stay in a relationship without compatibility is an act of maturity and self-love.

Separation is always painful. But if you suspect that you are no longer compatible with your partner, it may be time to take a different direction. Every relationship goes through bad times, this is normal. But how do you know if the time has come to end the relationship? The following tips will help you find out:

1. When there is no trust

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. With the loss of trust, it is difficult to maintain a healthy relationship. With suspicion, fights will come and constant fights can cause someone to end the relationship. If your partner does not trust you even after doing everything in your ability to make things right and gain his or her trust, it is a bad signal and a relationship cannot thrive where there is no trust. 

2. Lack of dialogue 

There is no relationship without communication. If you do not communicate with your partner or vice versa, it is difficult to stay connected and resolve conflicts. Only dialogue can make a love story go further.

If there is no dialogue between the couple, one ends up not knowing the other. It is very difficult to maintain a relationship with a stranger. Apart from that, you both will not understand each other and minor situations may lead to quarrel.

3. Lack of sexual interest

Sex is natural. It is even more natural when we are in a relationship. When the lack of sexual interest becomes routine, or when partners cannot even talk about it, something is certainly not going well. It is important to make a reflection to understand the reason for this behavior, since sex is a fundamental part of the relationship. 

If both parties agreed from the onset not to be sexually involved till they get married, it is okay but when there is a disagreement between both parties, it can ruin relationships. 

4. Lack of commitment

Commitment is important in any relationship. It is needed to keep alive and cultivate love, with affection, understanding and patience to reap good fruits from the relationship.

If there is no commitment, there is a very high risk that one will give more to the other, or end up depriving themselves. Trust, respect, dedication and companionship are evidence of commitment between the two. Without commitment, a relationship dwindles.

5. Deprivation

When your opinion and interests are private, any choice can become a drama, from something as simple as wearing a piece of clothing, to decisions about taking up a new professional position or a walk with friends.

When you deprive yourself of your own choices, you lose your autonomy and continue to deprive yourself of being yourself. This is an indication that it is time to evaluate and decide whether you should end the relationship.

6. Lack of empathy

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the other’s shoes, understand your fears, failures, values, intentions, and above all an act of love. To overcome obstacles together, taking care of each other, only with empathy.

Empathy is what makes us realize when a joke or criticism was not well received. It is what makes us take care not to hurt the other. It also empathy that enables us to handle differences well.


Jealousy in very small doses may have its grace. But in excess is the destruction of any relationship. If the partner shows excessive jealousy, it is necessary to react so that you both talk about it and find a solution. Jealousy ruins relationships and it can last for a very long time if not watched. 

8. Domestic violence

No form of aggression can be justified. An abusive relationship is bound to generate suffering. And if these traumas are not treated, they can cause other and even more serious, psychological disorders.

Of course, there are couples who, despite all adversities, find a way to reconcile their lives. And with the help of a psychologist or therapy it can help. What you can’t do is maintain a bad relationship for whatever reason. 

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