How to let go and let God:Letting go and letting God in Relationships  

Bayo Ajibola
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Letting go and letting God in Relationships

How to let go and let God. Letting go is very painful. The person who has to do it always feels that it is something that they can never recover from. Truth is that letting go is the first step in the right direction. What does it mean to let go and let God? It simply means that you are surrendering every aspect of your relationship. It is also important to note that there are two ways of letting go. There is the aspect of physical separation from each other and there is the aspect of dropping your will and letting God’s will reign in your relationship.Letting go and letting God in Relationships .

Signs that you have to let go Physically

You have become distant

Distance is not only in terms of location.  The two of you no longer connect mentally or spiritually. It seems there is no effort being applied to reconnect. Changes will always be there but if you are not doing anything to adjust then there is your cue to letting go and letting God in relationships.

One of you is a parasite

A relationship is a two way street where people give and take. The two of you should be bringing the best out of each other. One person should not be depending heavily on the other. If this is the case then it no longer a functional relationship because there is someone leeching off the other. Helping the one you love is not wrong. There are times when they will totally need your help. It is only wrong when instead of being strengthened, you are overloaded with dependence.

There is no support

The people in your inner circle are people whom you lean on for support. If the person you love is not providing support then you have to let go. How do you know that their support isn’t solid? They are always telling you that what you are working on will not succeed. There is no encouragement given. At times they tell you that you are being unrealistic.

The fruit has started rotting

The relationship has started bringing out things in you. These are things that were never there before or they could be things that you already conquered through prayer. Anyone one who makes you let go of God is a no go zone. You need to drop them like a hot potato.The norm is to let go and let God.

Jealousy and fighting

There is no peace. You fight all the time. The grace is gone. You know when you have had enough, walk out.

You are equally yoked

You do not see eye to eye on matters of faith, family, work or temperaments a godly relationship targets marriage as the end game and you cannot work it out if you are not a team. Yes, you are different but you need to agree in order to walk together.

A Place called Surrender

We normally trust God with everything else but when it comes to relationships, we close Him out. We hold on so tightly to a person and when God says surrender, we start asking Him questions like why did He allow the two of you to meet if He had not willed it? In our own human brain we believe that God can never bring back the person or renew us in terms of relationships.

You should fix your eyes upon Jesus so as to always have godly ideals in everything that pertains to you including relationships. Do not be absorbed into the pressure of getting married. This pressure is what has clouded many hearts and minds where people become obsessed with the marriage rat race. The danger here is that you cast aside Christ and let your human insecurities take over.

So how do you tell that you are holding on too tight to a person? First of all you cannot imagine yourself without that person. You actually believe that your world will end when that relationship ends. You spend more time and effort on that relationship than you do with your relationship with God. it is actually wrong when your love for another human clouds your love for the creator. Yes, the relationship should bring you to a certain level of joy and comfort but it should be turned into an idol

God can rewrite your Story

God is the author and finisher of our faith. If you have faith then you have the ability to see things that are not as though they were. You can see a godly relationship. You can see yourself rising from the ashes completely healed. This is something that will truly glorify God.

If a relationship has claimed that special place that belongs to God, it is time for you to go back on your knees. Recommit your relationship to Him. a godly relationship glorifies God and blesses the hearts of those involved.

Jesus did not say that you come to Him with your heavy load for nothing. Drop it at His feet. There are three steps that will help you through this.

Be still


You have been up and down. It is now time to sit down and watch the master at work. All things work for good for those who love God and are called to His purpose. Let your relationship work with His purpose.


Accept it


Holding on to a knife only cuts you more. Holding on to pain, hurt, fear or pride only hurts you more. Sit back and accept that you have been doing it all wrong.


Learn to trust again

The reason that you went out of control is because you did not trust God to handle your business. God is our Father, confide in Him, give Him your hurt, pain and will. At times this means speaking to heart and telling it that it’s going to be alright.


Letting go and letting God in relations is not only about two people parting ways. It is also about you and your ego parting ways and letting God take the driver’s seat.


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